Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ecuador 2018

Ecuador is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. With volcanic mountains, lush jungle, and beautiful Pacific coastline, Ecuador offers you any kind of environment and any kind of adventure. With a lot of different tourist attractions in Ecuador, there are a lot of activities you can engage yourself in this country. The specialty in Ecuador tourist attractions is that it is not limited to some routine work.

You can roam around in the ruin of Inca civilization with a wonderful natural background. As the home to a variety of indigenous groups, the country has a unique rich cultural heritage. There are a lot of adventures to take and so a lot of places to visit in Ecuador.

Tourist Attractions in Ecuador:

Setting on the Earth’s equator, Ecuador is promised to thrill you in a wonderful way. Here are the top tourist attractions in Ecuador, you don’t want to miss.

10. La Compañía, Quito

Tourist Attractions in Ecuador, La Compañía, Quito
La Compañía, Quito | image credit – Wikimedia/Diego Delso

La Compañía or The Church of the Society of Jesus is one of the Churches that are not just visited for religious purpose. It is the country’s most ornate Church and one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador. Some tourists describe it as the most beautiful Church in the country. It is a Jesuit church in Quito. Capped by green-and-gold domes, this baroque magnificence is unique in its architectural beauty and regarded one of the most significant works of Spanish Baroque architecture in South America.

Construction of the Church began in 1605 and took 150 years to get a complete look. The designs including gold-leaf work, gilded plaster, and wood carvings are remarkable. The artworks you will see around the Church are the work of artists of the Quito School. The intricate and beautiful designs make it one of the top tourist attractions in Ecuador.

9. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi, things to do in Ecuador
Cotopaxi | image credit – Wikimedia/

As I told you before Ecuador tourist attractions are more about thrill and adventure. And what could possibly give you more thrill than watching one of the highest active volcanoes in the world? Cotopaxi is the second highest peak in Ecuador. This snow-covered unimaginable beauty of nature is without a question one of the top tourist attractions in Ecuador and also one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Due to the relative simplicity involved in the climb, it is the most popular high altitude climb in the country. With a height of 5,897 m / 19,347 ft, it is the world’s third highest active volcano. The most exciting part is that you can feel the activities of the volcano. Although climbing is not very tough, it is common to get any kind of AMS symptoms. So you have to be a little more careful in these best tourist attractions in Ecuador.

8. Nariz del Diablo

Nariz del Diablo, Ecuador tourist attractions
Nariz del Diablo | image credit – Wikimedia/Arabsalam

Gaining the status of “national cultural patrimony”, Nariz del Diablo is one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador. It is a railway system constructed to connect the Pacific coast with the Andean highlands. A great cost of human life that it took to complete the train line and it reflects on the nickname “Devil’s Nose”. Although severely damaged, its historical and architectural significance draw a special attention to the government and they partly restored it in 2013.

The train may not rises anything special inside you. But the journey will do the magic that you covet to get. The incredible views of the outside will certainly take your breath away. The downhill journey will make you feel like drifting away in a dreamland. The rail journey of Nariz del Diablo is one of the best things to do in Ecuador.

7. Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, places to visit in Ecuador
Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve | image credit – Wikimedia/Le mashk

Visiting Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is one of the thrilling things to do in Ecuador. Established in 1979, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is a valuable nature reserve in Amazonian with relatively unique ecological features. Presence of mountains and a combination of slightly cooler and wetter climate are the reason of distinctive ecological characteristics. It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador.

All large amazon mammals are usually present in this park. There are two lake wonderful lake areas. It is also the most accessible Amazon parks. So, for those who have a fascination for Amazon, it is one of the best places to visit in Ecuador. Visitors can enjoy this tropical rain-forest on the canoe passing over the lake. This should be one of few journeys when you feel completely attached to nature. Visitors can also take a few walks in the jungle.

 6. Tena

Tena, things to do in Ecuador
Tena | image credit – Wikimedia/

Tena, a city in the Amazon rain-forest is one of the best places to visit in Ecuador. As a popular launching point for Amazon jungle tour, it is easy to understand why it is one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador? Kayaking and rafting tours are also incredibly popular among the tourists. Keep in mind that the tours are not going to be the relaxed one. It would be rather adventurous so prepare yourself for a tough journey. And what could be the better things to do in Ecuador than making an adventure.

There are so much to see in Tena. For example,  Sumaco Volcano which gives you the most intense experience of a volcano, Jatun Sacha Biological Station which the second largest conservation organization in Ecuador, Misahuallí which is a popular starting point for jungle tours and canoe trips, Cuevas de Jumandy and Archidona – a colonial town. The bird lovers are also found it one of the best places to visit in Ecuador.

5. Montañita

Montañita, Ecuador tourist attractions
Montañita | image credit – Flickr/Andrew Magill

Montañita, a coastal town is one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador for its exotic beaches. In fact, some of the best beaches in Ecuador are in Montañita. It is also an incredibly popular beach for the surfers. After some rough adventurous journeys, visiting Montañita probably one of the best things to do in Ecuador. Before 1960, it was just a sleepy fishing village. Many foreign people linked with the hippie movement found it very promising for their movement and permanently settled down here.

Montañita is rather popular for its rustic nature. Roaming around the beaches is really an amazing experience. You can hear reggae music on street corners. The nightlife of Montañita is also quite popular. There are some nightclubs and bars in Montañita. No wonder why it is one of the best Ecuador tourist attractions.

4. Catedral Nueva, Cuenca

Catedral Nueva, Cuenca, places to visit in Ecuador
Catedral Nueva, Cuenca | image credit – Wikimedia/Cayambe

New Cathedral of Cuenca is the cathedral church in Cuenca. It is the most recognizable icon of the city. It was built opposite to the much smaller Old Cathedral of Cuenca. Thus it got its name new. The construction of the Church was commenced in 1885. It took almost a century to build this Ecuador tourist attraction. Along with the Church, the city itself gains a reputation for its architectural heritage. It is now one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador.

The towers of the Church are shortened due to a calculation error of the architect. But this great mistake does not dishearten the tourists and locals that much. It is still quite fascinating in its way and one of the best places to visit in Ecuador.

3. Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market, things to do in Ecuador
Otavalo Market | image credit – Wikimedia/Sputnikcccp

If you take enough adventure, then one of the best things to do in Ecuador to roam around Otavalo Market. Unlike renowned other markets, Otavalo Market is not going to dazzle you with gorgeous items. It will rather offer you a touch of simplicity. The market is famous for weaving textiles made by indigenous people. The largest market takes place on Saturday. The market displays textiles such as handmade blankets, tablecloths, and much more. The handicrafts make it one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador.

The specialty of the market is that you may not such lovely handicrafts all over the world. It is also the center of Ecuador’s leather industry. It is also an enjoyable thing to watch the distinctive traditional dresses wore by in indigenous people, especially the women wear white embroidered blouses, with flared lace sleeves, and black or dark over skirts, with cream or white under skirts.

2. San Francisco Church, Quito

San Francisco Church, Quito, Ecuador tourist attractions
San Francisco Church, Quito | image credit – Wikimedia/putneymark

San Francisco church with a temple, a series of chapels, and a convent are one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador. Located in Quito’s Old Town district, it is the city’s most fascinating architecture. The construction of the Church complex started in 1536 and evolved over almost 150 years. It is a massive masterpiece and an example of Catholic influence on this land.

It is considered one of the most important cultural centers in Latin America. The important things of the Church are the figure of San Antonio of Padua, a large central figure of St. Francis with silver wings. It is without a question one of the best tourist attractions in Ecuador.

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1. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands, places to visit in Ecuador
Galapagos Islands | image credit – Wikimedia/Pete

It is needless to say why visiting the Galapagos Islands is the best things to do in Ecuador. Galapagos Islands are a small archipelago of volcanic islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It consists of 19 islands. Maybe you already know why the islands are so famous.

These were the places where Charles Darwin studied the vast number of endemic species and it helped him to come up with the revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection. It is called ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’. It is now formed a national park and a biological marine reserve. Undoubtedly the islands are the best tourist attractions in Ecuador.

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