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There has been a long wait to get the recommendation of visiting the best destinations in America. We are trying here to cover most of our readers’ range – beach destinations like San Diego and Maui, big cities like San Francisco and New York and national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. Of course, we expect this list of attractions in the United States will help our readers to plan for the next vacation in America.

Most definitely the travelers may find some unwanted exceptions, but here we are depending mostly on average people preferences. And we will be truly glad if you cast your vote for the best destination preference in America. Let us give another thought of your own interest.

Best Destinations in America:

Here we expect to showcase the most favorite tourist destinations in America that should be on travelers’ radars in the upcoming years. I think there’s something for all – nature lovers, beachcombers, beer aficionados, road trippers, and history buffs and dice rollers – from every corner of the land. So whatever your upcoming dream vacation, here we’ve got some great ideas.

Let’s check out, which one is the best place to visit in the USA?

10. Lana‘i, Hawaii

destinations in America, Lana‘i, Hawaii
Lana‘i, Hawaii; image credit

This is one of those unique specks of paradise with snorkeling and diving, shipwrecks and petroglyphs. The rock formations, rugged hiking trails, red-dirt roads and one of the most favorite markets in the state can be found here. Hopefully, there’s only one town that can offer a sense of isolation and something island charm. And of course, this is also about to undergo some serious change for the betterment.

Let’s have some details on this island. The region is currently a mix of Hawaiian and Asian cultures, which is surely a combination of ritzy pools and rugged shores, as well as luxury and down-home travel experiences. There has been a plan for opening more high-end resorts and doubling the population. But parts will still be accessible to budget-minded travelers, also for day-trip travelers. Many feel this is all good, some not so much. Anyway, Hawaii can be a great choice for a vacation spent in America.

Major attractions:

  • Relax on the 18-mile secluded beaches
  • Hiking trails and horseback rides are available
  • Hop on a ferry for a day trip to Maui
  • Spend time in Garden of the Gods

09. Sun Valley, ID

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Sun Valley, ID
Sun Valley, ID; image credit

Sun Valley is probably the perfect alternative to ritzy resort areas of Colorado. Camping, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, cultural events, and obviously great food abound can be found in summer. In winter, world-class skiing can be had at the first purpose-built ski resort in America. You can just ride the lifts with swanky Hollywood stars in a refined and pretty place.

The stunning location is as impressive as the snow, nearby Ketchum retains its authenticity and rustic beauty. And above all, it is nestled on the crook of the Salmon River, definitely a perfect launch site for killer rafting. Another point surely to be noted, Ernest Hemingway is buried here and had a deep affection for Sun Valley.

Major attractions:

  • Hiking, ice skating
  • horseback riding
  • Fly fishing, Sun Vally lake
  • You can enjoy sleigh rides
  • Take a paragliding flight

08. Las Vegas, NV

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV; image credit

Oh, there are so many talking about this Vegas. But this year, there’s more to discover than how much your savings have been depleted. This dazzling rhinestone of a city attempts to draw more lower-rolling tourists last year. Fremont East and the Arts District near downtown are blossoming into vibrant neighborhoods in their own right somehow. This is where the locals come to eat and drink. There has been a lot of hip new bars, cafes, and galleries – not to mention the grand Burlesque Hall of fame, which give revelers an excellent reason to venture off the Strip.

Here resides the world’s tallest observation wheel named the High Roller for the trip-round. For high-octane thrills, find time between Blackjack hands for the Vegas Indoor Skydiving. You can even go-karting at fast Lap or be ziplining with Flightlinez.

Major attractions:

  • the 2.5-mile long central strip
  • Fremont Street Experience
  • Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
  • Visi the Caesar’s Palace and The Colosseum
  • don’t miss the Mob Museum

07. Cumberland Island, GA

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Cumberland Island, GA
Cumberland Island, GA; image credit

One of the most underdeveloped places in America. But believe me, Cumberland Island is totally magical. The Picture virgin beaches, feral horses, windswept dunes, wild turkeys, beautiful butterflies, tiny fiddler crabs, skittering armadillos, breathtaking sunrises, mossy old oaks and a lot other combine this beautiful Cumberland. Probably one of the best-unspoiled paradises, in other words, the largest of the Sea Islands in terms of continuously exposed land, widely accepted as the national seashore.

There are 18 miles of pristine sandy beach you’ll have all to yourself. And the rest is maritime forest, mudflats, marsh, tidal creeks and astounding ruins of the Dungeness mansion. The whole lot is laden with hiking trails and backcountry camping is permitted. St. Mary is the gateway of the Island. The mainland facilities and ferry terminal are located here. Stafford Beach has some of the best sands in the South and the magnificent old houses non-campers, the only restaurant on the island.

Major attractions:

  • Visit the remains of the Dungeness Ruins
  • explore the island beach and National Seashore
  • St Marys Submarine Museum
  • Enjoy boating and kayaking around

06. Kansas City, MO

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Kansas City, MO
Kansas City, MO; image credit

Kansas City is famed for more than its 200 fountains. Over 100 barbecue joints feed the city’s grateful denizens and the travelers. The jazz and blues scenes serve as an anchor for a vibrant African American community. The city is intriguing and walkable neighborhoods warrant exploration from the 1920s shopping district of Country Club Plaza to the Crossroads Arts District. Also with the Westport’s alluring locally owned restaurants and bars.

There is another fame in this city. Kansas City is home to the National WW1 Museum. Last year was the war’s centennial, so the museum’s adjacent Liberty Memorial got $5 million renovations for the festivities. The famous city is remarkable for its incredible BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s.

Major attractions:

  • Visit the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial
  • Explore the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  • Arabia Steamboat Museum
  • Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

05. Jersey Shore

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore; image credit

Jersey Shore is probably the most famous and revered part of New Jersey. Stretching from Sandy Hook to Cape May, this coastline is studded with resort towns ranging from tacky to classy. Recently Hurricane Sandy in 2013 and the fire on the Seaside Heights boardwalk devastated the Shore. And the 2014 summer season had already become an important one for local communities. Visitors embrace the kitsch and discover a coastal extravaganza filled with family fun. This is a combination of beaches, lighthouses, dunes, amusement rides, go-karts, bike trails, funnel cakes, galleries, fishing, shopping and many more. You can often find yourself wonderfully alone on the toe-kissing sands.

This is a kitschy slice of 1950s Americana and home to the state’s widest beach and the grand-daddy of Jersey Shore. There’s the legendary, not-exactly-Vegas-but-kinda Atlantic City. The fun ends at southernmost Cape May, with stunning Victorian architecture, sweeping beaches, and the only place in Jersey where the sun rises and sets over.

Major attractions:

  • Amazing aquarium right off the boardwalk
  • enjoy the water park
  • Discover the Cape May Wildlife
  • You can parasail at the beach
  • Visit the Historic retro museum
  • Go whale watching
  • Climb Barnegat Lighthouse

04. Central Coast, CA

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Central Coast, CA
Central Coast, CA; image credit

This is the place, often referred to as the flyover country between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The scenic stretch of the Pacific coast is California at its best. There is Laid-back beach towns, cliff-top lookouts, sea-hugging, sea lion colonies, hidden coves, and other wildlife, fantastical Castle, pleasant weather and Spanish mission but no crowds. Back to the coast, after gasping at the raw beauty and energy of the 100-mile stretch of craggy coastline.

Visitors need to buy tickets in advance and arrive when the doors open to beat the aquarium of crowds. Outstanding farmers markets dot the coast. You can check out the Santa Barbara’s Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Major attractions:

  • Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • explore the Point Sur State Historic Park
  • Seymour Marine Discovery Center
  • Stop at the San Luis Obispo Farmers Market

03. Boston, MA

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Boston, MA
Boston, MA; image credit

Boston recently hosted the 100th annual US Figure Skating Championships where the US Winter Olympic Team is determined. In spring the gaze of international sports fans will definitely turn to the Boston Marathon. The 2014 event became the second-biggest Boston Marathon ever. The event got the hit of unbelievable 36,000 runners flooding the course. The city’s usual festivities are in full swing: all sorts of festivals abound, beer gardens and restaurant patios overflow with a thriving arts and entertainment scene keep Bostonians content as the humidity yields to stunning, vibrantly colored autumn.

Of course, the past is very much alive here: follow in America’s revolutionary founders’ footsteps on the Freedom Trail, stopping to imbibe a bit of history at the Bell in Hand Tavern. And most obviously that is the oldest tavern in South America. Here, Omni Parker House is a very favorite place to stay, a historic hotel overlooking the Freedom Trail that has employed Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh. Notably, it also accommodated Charles Dickens and JFK.

Major attractions in Boston:

  • Take the three-mile Freedom Trail
  • Visit the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Museum
  • Don’t miss the beautiful neighborhoods of Beacon Hill
  •  Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  • Shop at Quincy Market

02. Yosemite National Park, CA

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Yosemite National Park, CA
Yosemite National Park, CA; image credit

Yosemite’s majestic peaks, thunderous waterfalls, and flower-peppered subalpine meadows do welcome visitors most often. They can relax under the gaze of the valley’s monolithic El Capitan and Half Dome or attain stunning views by climbing to Inspiration Point. The crowds thin – as does the air – as you penetrate the park’s pristine backcountry. You can hike for months here.

In summer 2014, the park and gateway communities had celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant. The milestone act was the first time a federal government set aside a piece of land purely for preservation by and for the people.

Major attractions:

  • Visit the Tuolumne Meadows
  • Bridalveil Falls, Vernal Falls, and Yosemite Falls
  • Hike above the Sentinel Dome
  • don’t miss the famous granite monolith El Capitan

01. Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA (South America), Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast
Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast; image credit

Beach bums, beer lovers and also the art enthusiasts agree: there’s a lot to love about Michigan. Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second-largest city, which was voted best beer city in the US by the National Beer Examiner blog in 2012 and 2013. Moreover, its beer-tourism revolution rages on 25 craft breweries pour in the area, events like Cool Brews Hot Eats and the Winter Beer Festival. The Summer Craft Beer Festival (August) keep the city festive year-round.

In addition to the impressive blooms and Rodin sculptures in the Frederik Meijer Gardens. Grand Rapids is home to the world’s largest art competition ArtPrize. More than 1700 creative artists display their masterpieces here. This gold coast is perhaps the USA’s most unexpected beach getaway. There are sayings that these shores rival Hawaii’s and Southern California’s. So if you never thought you could head to the Midwest for a Cape Cod-esque beach vacation, think again for the best place to visit in the USA.

Major attractions:

  • Visit TRAVERSE CITY in the fall season
  • Explore the famous tree town, Ann Arbor
  • Don’t forget to taste the Michigan wines
  • Escape to Michigan’s hidden gem, CHARLEVOIX
  • Visit the Henry Ford


For the past few centuries, people from all over the world have come to America, drawn by the nation’s prosperity and democracy, sometimes seeking a better way of life. Undoubtedly this vast nation is also a land of diversity from its landscapes to its religion, culture, and politics. Planning a vacation in the USA is a bit confusing that’s why. It’s an obvious dilemma for the outsiders, even for the citizen of America also need some authentic recommendation for the visit to such vast land. For the ever-growing interest, our travel experts have scoured the States to make the decision a bit easier for travelers.

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