Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Chicago

Chicago is the city that never ceases to fascinate you. It is a modern city in every definition. It will offer you with the best of everything that a modern city should. Its high-flying architecture, rich museum, big shopping mall, wonderful food and unlimited entertainment facilities make it unparalleled as a city. It is the most vibrant and colorful city in United States.

Chicago will teach you how to make a festival pompous. Chicago has a great significance as an international hub for commerce, finance, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

Fun Things to Do in Chicago:

There is no limit to fun things to do in Chicago. In fact, there are too much fun things to do in Chicago. That’s why a list of top fun things to do in Chicago can be very helpful to select your spots in your journey to Chicago city for the first time.

Let’s find, what to do in Chicago?

10. Shedd Aquarium

Fun Things to Do in Chicago, Shedd Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium | image credit – Wikimedia/Setiawan Soekamtoputra

Your fun things to do in Chicago should start with visiting one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, Shedd Aquarium. It is the home to 32,000 animals and the first inshore aquarium with a permanent saltwater fish collection. The aquarium was awarded for Seahorse Symphony in 1999 from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Here you have the opportunity to see some of the most fascinating animals in Waters of the World.

Two million visitors per year make this Shedd Aquarium a winner in the list of top places to visit in Chicago. The Aquarium takes the attempt to visualize every single beauty and mystery of ocean. The charismatic use of light and shadow also make it irresistibly fascinating.  Visiting Shedd Aquarium might be one of the best things to do in Chicago with kids.

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9. Field Museum of Natural History

Field Museum of Natural History, places to visit in Chicago
Field Museum of Natural History | image credit – Wikimedia/Fritz Geller-Grimm

Field Museum is one the largest natural history museum in Chicago. It is obviously one of the fun things to do in Chicago but here not just the fun you are going to get. Field Museum has an extensive amount of collections on science, environment, and culture. It also focuses on public learning and scholarly research. It contains 24 million specimens and objects. It is without a doubt one of the most valuable places on earth and one of the major tourist attractions in Chicago.

This museum will open your door of knowledge and it is the best places to visit in Chicago to get a demonstration of your bookish knowledge. The biggest and most complete T. rex is displayed here. The Field Museum Library contains about 275,000 books, photo archives and journals evolutionary biology, geology, archaeology, ethnology and biological systematic.

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8. Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain, tourist attractions in Chicago
Buckingham Fountain | image credit – Flickr/jareed

The beauty of Buckingham Fountain is hard to express in word. Architect Edward Bennett designed the fountain in a rococo wedding cake style and the Latona Fountain at the Palace of Versailles was also his major inspiration. It is popular for its giant size and height. It is as big as 15 stories buildings.  Opened in 1927, the fountain allegorically represents Lake Michigan and the four sea horses inside it represent the four states; Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Beside regular water shows, it gives evening color-light shows. Visiting Buckingham Fountain is no doubt one of the fun things to do in Chicago. It is a prominent Chicago landmark and one of the top tourist attractions in Chicago. Buckingham Fountain is a frequent reference in American popular culture.

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7. Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Water Tower, what to do in Chicago
Chicago Water Tower | image credit – Flickr/David Wilson

Once performing a crucial role in the city’s water system, this 47 meter tall tower now serves as a Chicago Office of Tourism art gallery known as the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower. Designed by architect William Boyington, it is the second-oldest water tower in the United States,built in 1869. Visiting Chicago water tower is one of the fun things to do in Chicago.

It is one of the few surviving buildings that was saved during the infamous Great Chicago Fire. That’s why it has become the symbol of city’s resilience. The design of Chicago Water Tower has a great influence on many White Castle restaurant buildings.  This should be on top of the list of the list of what to do in Chicago or best things to see in Chicago.

6. John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center, things to see in Chicago
John Hancock Center | image credit – Flickr/Brad Clinesmith

John Hancock Center is an awe inspiring skyscraper in United States and a pride for Chicago. It offers a superb panoramic view of the city and viewing this is an awesome experience and one of the fun things to do in Chicago.  Just imagine having a sip of cocktail or coffee at the bar of this center while watching sunset. It should be one of the fun things to do in Chicago. It is undoubtedly one of the iconic figures in America.

It is designed in the structural expressionist style, the newest movement of architecture. The design is one of the most influential in present time and it has showed a radical departure from the conventional form of architecture. It might strike a little more industrial, but the mammoth work behind it is praised by all.

5. Chicago River

Chicago River, things to do in Chicago with kids
Chicago River | image credit – Pixabay/werner22brigitte

Every splendid city has a splendid river. It might not a very long river but it plays an irreplaceable role for making Chicago an important location as it was a link between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley waterways and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. An incredible engineering project was taken to reverse the flow of Chicago River in 1900 as the city had problem with water supply.

The American Society of Civil Engineers declared it a ‘Civil Engineering Monument of the Millennium’.  The Chicago River has not only commercial importance but also a place for entertainment. Having a boat tour in the Chicago River is one of the fun things to do in Chicago. Centennial Fountain, River walk are some the special attractions of Chicago River. It is one of the best places to visit in Chicago.

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4. Millennium Park

Millennium Park, places to visit in Chicago
Millennium Park | image credit – Wikimedia/KE4SFQ

There is nothing more fun things to do in Chicago than visiting Millennium Park. The park was opened after 6 years long construction on July 16, 2004. A pompous concert by the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus was performed in inaugural ceremony. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Chicago. It was the most important project. Although the original budget was not more than $150 million but the final figure was f $475 million.

The major attractions of the parks are Jay Pritzker Pavilion, AT&T Plaza and Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, Lurie Garden, McCormick Tribune Plaza & Ice Rink and Park Grill, BP Pedestrian Bridge, Harris Theater, McDonald’s Cycle Center, Chase Promenade, Nichols Bridgeway, Boeing Galleries and so on. Visiting this Millennium Park is one of the fun things to do in Chicago.

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3. Navy Pier

Navy Pier, tourist attractions in Chicago
Navy Pier | image credit – Wikimedia/David Bjorgen

Navy Pier is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Chicago. Your tour in Chicago can’t be completed without vising Navy Pier. It is one of the fun things to do in Chicago. It is a 3,300-foot-long pier on the Lake Michigan. It is one of the top most entertainment hubs in the city. The fifty years of place has everything to entertain you. It has parks, gardens, shops, restaurants, family attractions, exhibition facilities. It is one of the top most leisure destinations of the city.

Navy Pier is popular among people for its evergreen festive look. From December through January, Navy Pier hosts the PNC Bank Winter Wonder-fest. Crystal Gardens, Chicago Children’s Museum, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Pepsi Skyline stage venue are some of the notable place to visit in Navy Pier.

2. Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile, what to do in Chicago
Magnificent Mile | image credit – Wikimedia/U.S. Information Agency

Serving as the main thoroughfare between Chicago’s Loop business district and its Gold Coast, Magnificent Mile is some of those places that are hard to ignore. It is the home to some of the tallest buildings in the United States such as the John Hancock Center, the Trump International Hotel and Tower, Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower and so on.

People come here normally for shopping. It is considered the best shopping district in the world. So a shopping lover would find this place one of the fun things to do in Chicago. You can see all the big names in shopping are here like Apple, Disney, Niketown etc. It is one of the most visited places in Chicago for its fame as a shopping district. It should always be on the list of the best things to see in Chicago.

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1. Sears Tower

Sears Tower, things to see in Chicago
Sears Tower | image credit – Wikimedia/Cody Hough

Formally known as The Willis Tower, Sears Tower is one of the giant works of human being. It is the 2nd tallest building in United States. Although it lost its first position as skyscraper, it is not something that you can forget. In 1969, the then largest retailer in the world, Sears, Roebuck & Co built Sears Tower in order to accommodate their 350,000 employees scattering around Chicago into one building.

Structural engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan and architect Bruce Graham designed it. Visiting Sears Tower is one of the fun things to do in Chicago. The name of Sear Tower officially changed to Willis Tower in 2009.

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