Lamai Beach, Thailand beach resorts

Top 10 Best Beaches in Thailand

Thailand, with long coastline, jungle-topped island and relaxed beaches, is a tropical gateway for the prince and the pauper, the hedonist and the hermit. Thailand is gifted with some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. Tourists are long to visit these beaches and the blissful fact is that the beaches remain unspoiled in spite of the heavy traffic of the visitors. These beaches are vibrant with colorful people playing in the gentle surf of beaches, diving with whale sharks, joining on exotic party and waiting for an ecstatic nightlife. read more

Sicily, beach holidays in Italy

Top 10 Best Italian Islands to Visit

When it comes to Italy, there is limitless beauty waiting for you. It has been a cultural epicenter for centuries. Its cultural heritage is so rich that one might forget how beautiful its islands really are. But it’s literally a waste of opportunities as there are more than 80 scenic islands within Italy’s borders to explore, so who can just pick the 10 best Italian islands to visit. Italian islands have many special things to offer. read more

stara-baska, Croatia beach holidays

Top 10 Best Beaches in Croatia To Visit

Croatia boasts a seemingly countless number of beautiful beaches with its thousand islands and a deeply grooved coast that adds up to 5800 kilometers of shoreline. Croatia is one of the exceptionally scenic countries and its marvelous island-speckled coastline is without a doubt its main attraction. Croatia beaches are prominent with their diversity. Some Croatia beach resorts are famous for glitz and glamour, some beaches get attention for their laid back nature, some beaches are loved for the white sand and others are covered with water-smoothed pebbles. read more

Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier, hotels in Daytona beach

Top 10 Things to Do in Daytona Beach

One of the most idyllic vacation destinations in Florida, USA is the Daytona Beach. Historically known for its beach, Daytona is located in Volusia County, Florida with a population of a little over 60,000 people. But it is not just a high-octane seaside community. From racing, motorcycles, and an immeasurable range of sports venues to the arts, eco-adventures and culinary experiences- there are many fun things to do in Daytona Beach. It is also the principle city of the Fun Coast region of Florida. read more

Ko Phi Phi, island hopping Thailand

Top 10 Best Islands to Visit in Thailand

Thailand has gained a special attention among the tourists for its incredible diverse natural beauty. The country is gifted with some of the greeny islands in the world. Visiting in these islands is like making a harmony with nature. The serenity of the islands will enthrall you with a castaway fantasies. Unspoiled white sandy beach, greeny hammock, beautiful palm trees make these islands a dream land. You can never tell which time you will pass is not great. There is no wonder why these are the most tourist attracted islands in the world. read more

Skiathos, best Greek island to visit

Top 10 Best Greek Islands to Visit

Greece is the most influential country in the history of science and philosophy. The country consists of a large mainland, two smaller peninsulas and a large number of islands. The islands cover about 17% of the country’s total territory. The islands have a diversity both in size and climate. In addition to the country’s heavily enriched history and architecture, the beautiful and exotic Greek islands drives millions of tourists every year, making the country one of the world’s top travel destinations. read more