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Planning for a Trans-Siberian railway trip?

“Have you ever made the Trans-Siberian railway trip?” It’s the journey nearly every keen travel wants to do. May be there is a reason, it’s commonly said to be the longest you can make on a single train. More over as an introduction to the immensity of the world’s largest country and its landscapes, the Trans-Siberian rail journey is surely to be added to anyone’s bucket list. This is one of the epic railway adventure that spans three countries. Passengers are offered with some of the most remote parts of Russia, Mongolia and China right to the window of their amazing train cabin. read more

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Top 10 Amazing Helicopter Rides around the World

Flying is always thrilling to people. Even a man who seems to forget to get charmed, feel excited if it comes to flying. Helicopter rides are more special as it provides to the riders not only a thrilling and entertaining experience but also a truly wonderful view of a city or a forest or an area. Just imagine enjoying helicopter rides on such places that you only dreamt about to go or such amazing places that you had opportunity to see only the front view. read more

Top 10 Best Dive Spots in the World, Great Barrier Reef

Top 10 Best Dive Spots in the World

Diving is a thrilling sport, a great fun especially for nature lover. It is a great idea to look out some amazing tropical diving spot all over the world. It would be fascinated for any novice or expert diver for what they see in the depths of some of the top dive spots. Every diver will probably have his or her own list of favorite dive spots.  An attempt has been made to list some of the best dive spots in the world. read more

Top 10 Great Rail Journeys | Best Train Journeys, The Indian Golden Triangle on Maharaja Express

Top 10 Great Rail Journeys | Best Train Journeys

I believe many travelers would agree that Traveling by train is much more peaceful and relaxing than others, even flying. May be it’s not that fast, but the visual options are much better. It’s actually very interesting to look at outside the train window while traveling anywhere. And it is a time honored tradition too. Though the importance of trains in our society is evident, today the humble railway is often taken for granted. Many of us use subways and light rail systems on a daily basis. Long distances on scenic passenger train rides has become a novelty and almost a thing of the past. But, hopefully there are still some open minded and relaxed matured fellas always looking for great rail journeys. The romantic nature of traveling in comfort and style while viewing a picturesque landscape is a truly memorable experience and probably that combination fulfillment refers to us as best train journeys. read more