Top 10 Best Tourist Places in India

India is world’s one of the most diverse countries with promising tourist destinations. There may be not a second example of living so many people in a country with so many different cultures, ethnicities, languages, religions and geographical diversities. In one part, you will find desert and another part wet green lands.

You can catch a train in intolerable hot weather and find yourself in a snow-covered area in another stoppage. Extending from the top mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, and from the holy Ganges to the Thar Desert, India will offer you every taste of natural beauties. India is the third fastest growing tourism destination in the world.

Comparatively cheap expanse, warm-hearted people and rich historical background make it a comforting place for tourists of different classes and different countries. India gave birth one of the oldest civilization of the world. It is also the birthplace of the oldest religious scripture Veda, the greatest epic Mahabharata, and four major religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

There are not many countries which have a thousand years of history like India. India was on the acme of culture and civilization while many European countries not even saw the glimpse of civilization. Although several foreign invasions throughout history, India never loses its cultural root. There are countless best tourist places in India.

Best Tourist Places in India:

So, it is a harsh task to select Top 10 Best Tourist Places in India. We had to curtail some of the amazing places from the list of Best Places to visit in India. Here is a brief overview of some of the best tourist places in India.

10. Kerala backwaters

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in India, Kerala backwaters
Kerala backwaters | image credit – Wikimedia/Kish

Kerala is a complex network of lagoons, canals, lakes, deltas, and estuaries of several rivers that flow into the Arabian Sea. Since the medieval period, it has been one of the best tourist places in India.

The scenic beauty that quoted like “Once you see Kollam, you will not need your home anymore” is a prove why Kerala backwaters are chosen out of so many best tourist places in India. The 1500 km long labyrinthine of water land will never forget to amaze you as tourism authorities never forget to ease you in your journey to this one of the nicest tourist attractions in India.

Kerala tourism tries their best to make your journey as comfortable as possible by providing every kind of facilities in the house-boats. You don’t even have to bother your stomach with the food that it is not accustomed to.

All you have to do is sit idly, relax and devour scenic beauties. It’s really quite thrilling to one to discover himself in the middle of seemingly endless water, cut off from all the hazard of life. Poetry or philosophy can ride on your mind. And truly that is not always bad. Ashtamudi Lake is the most beautiful, accessible and visited lakes of Kerala backwaters.

The backwaters have many unique species of aquatic life including frogs, mudskippers, and crabs, water birds such as terns, kingfishers, cormorants, and darters. Alongside with boat journey, other important attractions are Tangasseri Light House, Ananda Valleeswaram Temple, Thirumullavaram beach and British Residency.

The British Residency is considered as one of the most beautiful houses in the country. Chundan Vallam, a popular snake boat race take place in the backwaters. Regarding all these amazing visiting opportunities, Kerala backwaters are one of the best places to visit in India.

9. Lake Palace

Lake Palace, places to visit in India
Lake Palace | image credit – Wikimedia/Flicka

Built in the 18th century, Lake Palace is one of the best places to visit in India. Once a royal summer palace, it is now a luxury 5 Star hotel, operating under the “Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces”. Surrounded by water, this luxury hotel is one of nicest places to visit in India.

Going to this place is just like landing on some dreamland. A boat transports the guests and their luggage and they receive a unique warmly welcome from the authorities. The Palace has 66 rooms and 17 suites. From every room, you will get a charming view of the lake.

The special features of the lake house is a lily pond with walkways, tinkling fountains, lanterns, and fancy umbrellas. There’s a wonderful sun-trap swimming pool and a Jiva Spa. No wonder why it should be one of the best places to visit in India.

The place was fascinated by the people like Lord Curzon, Vivien Leigh, Queen Elizabeth, the Shah of Iran, the king of Nepal and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. If money is not that problem, you should keep it top in the list of best tourist places in India.

8. Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple, tourist destinations in India
Virupaksha Temple | image credit – Wikimedia/Mukul Banerjee

Virupaksha Temple is one of the masterpieces of Indian architecture and one of the best tourist places in India. Built around the 7th century, the temple never loses attention.

Located in the state of Karnataka in southern India, the temple is dedicated to one of the major Hindu god Shiva. Virupaksha, in fact, is one of the names of Shiva. The unique architectural beauty earns it a designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the important places to visit in India for both religious and architectural significance.

The temple survived after the destruction of the city in 1565. The main difference between many Greek or Roman temples to this temple is that it not yet loses its worshipers. The main temple consists of a sanctum, three antechambers, a pillared hall, and an open pillared hall. The temple is often crowded with many festivals. It is the oldest functioning temple in India.

7. Palolem

Palolem, tourist attractions in India
Palolem | image credit – Wikimedia/Martin Frey

Palolem beach is one of the best tourist places in India. Situated in the Canacona, Goa this one of the best tourist attractions in India. It has attracted both local and foreign travelers. It is the most beautiful among all the beaches of Goa. To relax a bit, this is one of the best places to visit in India. Well, you have to be in a party mode cause this can give you many things but tranquility is not one of them.

There are two significant beaches honeymoon beach and Butterfly Beach in Palolem beach village. The place was not that popular until 1980. It is a growing tourist destination in India. Accommodation is comparatively cheap that makes it one of the best places to visit in India for the backpackers. You can take a boat trip to see dolphins. Scuba diving and fishing are also popular in this best tourist places in India.

6. Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, places to visit in India
Kanha National Park | image credit – Wikimedia/Dey.sandip

If you want to see a Royal Bengal tiger in the wild and go to Sunderban, you really have to be adventurous and lucky. In order to see a wild Royal Bengal tiger, Kanha National Park is the best tourist places in India. Located in Madhya Pradesh, it is the best tiger reserves of India. Those who love wildlife, it is one best tourist destinations in India for them. It is spread over an area of 1,949 sq km.

Alongside with Royal Bengal tiger, there is leopards, the sloth bear, Barasingha and Indian wild dog. The landscapes and surrounding meadows make a picturesque look in Kanha National Park. No wonder why it is one of the best tourist places in India.  Kanha National Park found inspiration from this one of the best tourist attractions in India to write his famous novel Jungle Book.

5. Harmandir Sahib

Harmandir Sahib, tourist destinations in India
Harmandir Sahib | image credit – Wikimedia/Jpatokal

Harmandir Sahib is always found its way on the list of best tourist places in India. It is also referred to as the golden temple. It is the holiest Sikh Gurdwara (place of worship for Sikhs) located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. Maharaja Ranjit Singh covered the upper floors of the Gurdwara with gold which earned it the name of the golden temple. Completed in the 16th century, it was once destroyed by Afghans.

The architectural beauty of Harmandir Sahib can’t be compared and measured. It would be a misfortune to miss the opportunity to see this one of the best tourist attractions in India. Its spiritual significance even draws other religion’s people. It’s not just a prayer hall but also a serene source of beauty. This is unarguably one of the nicest tourist attractions in India.

4. Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves, tourist attractions in India
Ajanta Caves | image credit – Flickr/Alex Gaylon

The Ajanta Caves contains some priceless pieces of Indian arts and sculptures. Located in the district of Aurangabad, Maharashtra state, it is one of the best tourist places in India.

The arts mainly depicted Buddhist religious, mainly the tale of Jataka (the tales that tell about the previous lives of the Buddha). The arts and sculptures are not only significant for their unique artistic beauty but also a document of intellectual and religious practice of the Buddhist community.

The caves were Buddhist monastery and completely devoted to Buddhist teachings. Certain caves were used for living by Monk and certain caves for worship and education. There are 29 caves are discovered in Ajanta. Most of the artworks of the cave dated 2nd century BCE. Enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is one of the best places to visit in India for the art connoisseurs. The place was abandoned and forgotten until accidentally rediscovered in 1819 by a British officer on a hunting party.

The paintings are regarded as purely Indian arts and not so many Indian arts hold the pure form of individuality. Ajanta paintings have a great impact on modern arts of India. It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in India and one of the best places to visit in India for you.

3. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, places to visit in India
Jaisalmer | image credit – Wikimedia/Daniel Villafruela

Lies in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is called “The Golden City“. Enlisted as a World Heritage Site, it is one of the best tourist places to visit in India. The city is filled with structures and monuments with historical importance. Visiting Jaisalmer will give you an excellent vibe as if you are living in some medieval artistic city.

A feeling that can be comprehended only by presence.  The most important buildings are Jaisalmer Fort. Jain heritage of Jaisalmer and Ghadsisar Lake. Jaisalmer Fort was featured in a film name Sonar Kella, directed by famous Bengali director Satyajit Ray.

Ghadsisar Lake is 650 years old and surrounding desert give it a special value. But you may remember Jaisalmer for its desert. A camel safari in the sand dunes of Jaisalmer is a haunting experience.

You will be lucky, if you are in the time of a Desert Festival that take place in January/February. It is an amazing experience to witness performing arts like Kalbelia dances and folk songs and music. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in India and clearly a profitable tourist destinations in India.

2. Varanasi

Varanasi, tourist destinations in India
Varanasi | image credit – Wikipedia/Ken Wieland

Varanasi, also known as Kashi is a city of northern India. It is regarded as one of the holiest places and best tourist places in India. It is on the bank of the sacred Ganges. It is a pilgrimage for the Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains.

The Ghats in Varanasi have familiar to all the Hindu religion as a concept of divinity. Varanasi has at least 84 Ghats which are used for bathing by pilgrims as a sign of reliving from every sin and some of the gates are used for cremation sites exclusively.

In a word, it is a place as important for the Hindus as Mecca is important to the Muslims. But Varanasi becomes not one of the best places to visit in India only for this. It has a far-reaching historical background.

About 23,000 temples are in Varanasi. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple of Shiva; the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple; and the Durga Temple are most popular for worship. Besides the importance of temples, these have also a great architectural significance.

There are several Mosques too that exhibits the Muslim architectural arts in India.  Varanasi becomes colorful on many occasions.  Mahashivaratri, Hanuman Jayanti is the most important festivals. In any measurement, it is one of the best tourist places in India.

1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, tourist attractions in India
Taj Mahal | image credit – Wikimedia/David Castor

Things are not always going to be like as they should be. Sometimes we have big hype about some places or some things. But in the end, we say oh it’s not that much or it’s overrated. But Taj Mahal is not going to follow any of your bad fate. It will always be way ahead of your imagination.

Rabindranath Tagore once quoted Taj Mahal “a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time”. But even the greatest poet’s great verse is not enough to describe the beauty of this best tourist places in India.

Taj Mahal is a monument which is built for love and promises to give back something more. To the memory of the departed wife Mumtaz Mahal, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this one of the Seven Wonders of the World on the southern bank of Yamuna River in the Indian city of Agra.

India tourism is truly grateful to this Mughal emperor for building this one of the best Tourist Places in India. And they may not like his successor because if he was not overthrown his father, Shah Jahan would build another wonder like Taj Mahal.

This wonder of white marble has been fascinating countless tourists throughout the centuries. It provides the verse to the poets, gets ride writers from their writer’s block and gives the lovers the inspiration of loving each other more passionately.

You will be the lucky one if you can see Taj Mahal at a full moon. At this particular night, Taj spreads all her wings of beauty. About 3 million people visit Taj Mahal annually. It is certainly one of the best Tourist Places in India and should be on top of your places to visit in India lists.

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