Top 10 Best Spanish Islands to Visit

Spain boasts some of the most gorgeous islands in Europe. Spanish Holiday Island offers you a saucy Spanish culture and a laid back island attitude with an awesome nightlife. Some of the best Spanish Islands to visit are equally divided between the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Every island has their own charisma along with their tepid, clear water and well-preserved beaches. There is something for everyone on the Spanish Holiday Islands, be it be the glamour and glitz of Ibiza or the windswept volcanoes of Tenerife.

10 Best Spanish Islands to Visit:

Here is a list of the best Islands in Spain for your convenience. Don’t sweat too much about which island to visit. If you take your time in any one of them and do a bit of exploring, you’ll find each island has hidden delights and depths beyond what’s presented on travel posters. They are the best Spanish Islands to visit after all.

10. La Gomera

Top 10 Best Spanish Islands to Visit, La Gomera
La Gomera | image credit – Wikimedia/Enzo^

La Gomera is one of the best Spanish Islands to visit. Christopher Columbus started his voyages of discovery from this beautiful island. It is one of the smaller of the Canary Islands. If you look at La Gomera from a distance, it looks like an impenetrable fortress ringed with towering rock walls. However, if you view it from up-close, that rough landscape transforms into lush valleys, remarkable cliffs and stoic rock formations sculpted by ancient volcanic activity and erosion. La Gomera has a network of over 600 kilometers of mystifying trails where you can lose yourself in the exuberant and magical natural beauty. It is the best Spanish Holiday Island for the hikers.

The island can be reached by ferry from Tenerife and as it is not developed for tourism, you can have a calm and peaceful holiday. It has excellent climate and an enormous variety of unique plants and a beautiful forested area refreshed with babbling streams, palm-filled valleys, and black sand beaches with crystal clear waters, deep ravines and waterfalls. As one of the best Spanish Islands to visit, La Gomera is a natural paradise.

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9. Minorca

Minorca, best Islands in Spain
Minorca | image credit – Wikimedia/Marzan

One of the best islands in Spain is Minorca. Also known as Menorca, Minorca is a peaceful and wonderful natural oasis. This Balearic Island is among the best Spanish Islands to visit. Whether on broad sandy beaches or at small coves surrounded by pine groves, there are many different options to enjoy sun and clean, crystal clear water of the sea. You can go sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving here. The island transmits a sense of tranquility, principally on account of its priceless countryside.

Along with the unspoiled scenery, visitors can also enjoy prehistoric monuments such as Necropolis at Cala Morell, and Talaiots and Taulas, which date from 1300 BC. With all things considered, Minorca is one of the best Islands in Spain to enjoy your holiday.

8. Formentera

Formentera, Spanish Holiday Island
Formentera | image credit – Pixabay/OrsiO

Formentera is a wonderful Spanish Holiday Islands well known for nude sunbathing on many of its pristine, white sand beaches. Formentera is a small Balearic Island located south of Ibiza. It can be reached from Ibiza by boat and there is regular passenger service from mainland Spain.  It’s known for its clear waters and long stretches of beach backed by dunes and pine trees.  It is one of the best Spanish Islands to visit as a family or nature lovers who wants a relatively isolated beach holiday. The beaches of Formentera are the island’s main attraction. All the beaches on Formentera are natural and almost always set within an unspoiled landscape.

Another charming thing about the island is many of the beaches still have the old huts used for fishing boats, all of which are still in use today.  The most famous beach of Formentera is the Playa Illetes. The northern end of Playa Illetes is the most peaceful part of this long beach and is an official nudist reserve. There is a dramatic cliff, La Mola with a lighthouse that is worth seeing. And the foods in this island are simply terrific. Formentera is truly one of the best Spanish Islands to visit.

7. Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, best Islands in Spain
Fuerteventura | image credit – Pixabay/Karahgo

For kite surfing and wind surfing, Fuerteventura is one of the best Islands in Spain. The beach capital of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura has the longest beaches of the entire archipelago. As one of the best Spanish Islands to visit, Fuerteventura is a paradise equally for spending holidays at the beach as for fishing. Parts of the island are well developed for beach holidays and other places are untouched. It also has a stunning volcanic landscape, local markets and relaxing bars.

As one of the most wonderful Spanish Holiday Island, it offers over 150 km of beach to relax in the sunshine and enjoy the sea breeze full of negative ions. Corralejo, a town on the northern tip of the island, is considered to have the best beaches. The island also has a perfect year-round climate due to sea breezes from Africa.

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6. Lanzarote

Lanzarote, Spanish Holiday Island
Lanzarote | image credit – Pixabay/neufal54

Among the best Spanish Islands to visit, Lanzarote is different from other islands. This bizarre landscape seems to be of another world. Lanzarote is a fascinating island with an astonishing geology of 300 volcanic cones. Great parts of its surface are covered with ashes and lava, which makes you feel like you were on the moon. There are great beaches, remarkable sights and ample restaurants and hotels in the island.

The island’s major sights have been aesthetically developed by the late Cesar Manrique, a Lanzarote native and artist. Other attractions are the Whales and Dolphins Museum and the Mirador del Rio a lookout point with a fabulous view. All of these things make it one of the best Spanish Islands to visit.

5. La Palma

La Palma, best Islands in Spain
La Palma | image credit – Wikimedia/Ailén Martín

La Palma is one of the best Spanish Islands to visit. According to many people, it is the most beautiful Canary Island. La Palma is the greenest islands of the Canary Islands that offer visitors unspoiled natural beauty. This volcanic island seems to be painted green due to a deep shroud of prehistoric forest.  La Palma has spectacular countryside and is also a good place for walking tours and hiking.

The main tourist attraction of the island is the largest crater in the world located in the center of the island and guided hikes are available to the area. La Palma’s trails take you past waterfalls and up to the island’s peaks, where you can enjoy the spectacular night sky of the island. Due to the absence of golden beaches, La Palma does not have many tourists yet. So, it is the best Spanish Islands to visit for those who dislike crowds. It has an international airport and ferries to Tenerife.

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4. Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, Spanish Holiday Island
Gran Canaria | image credit – Wikimedia/Guido.Haeger

Gran Canaria is one of the best islands in Spain. With golden beaches, dazzling landscapes and a big city full of fun things to do, the island is a tiny continent where you’ll find plenty of experiences that make every day special. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is on the northeastern coast of the island and is an excellent Spanish Holiday Island. It is an incredible family destination with almost 60 kilometers of beaches and a Biosphere Reserve in the west.

The island has many different types of landscapes including splendid sand dunes, incredible beaches, mountains with biking trails and a densely populated underwater world. As one of the best Spanish Islands to visit, the island features superb diving spots, surfing schools, golf and hiking to the amazing cave villages in the center of the island. If you want a spectacular family vacation, visit Gran Canaria, one of the best Spanish Islands to visit.

3. Majorca

Majorca, best Islands in Spain
Majorca | image credit – Wikimedia/Adrian Pingstone

Majorca is the largest of the best Spanish Islands to visit. Majorca or Mallorca as it is locally known is well developed for beach tourism on the southern shores. It also has some splendid scenery in the northern part of the island. Its clean, clear waters are idyllic for swimming and water sports such as scuba diving, sailing, fishing, windsurfing and even surfing. However, as the island is developed as a tourist destination, there are also a range of well-designed golf courses, cordially set in their surroundings, suitable for all levels. And then there is the Alcudia area, which also has beach resorts mainly for families.

There are some awesome biking trails along the cliffs and mountain paths in the Alcudia. There is an annual Jazz Festival on the east coast as well as smaller beaches and golf courses. Another great tourist attraction is the Tramuntana Mountains. The small mountain towns and hidden monasteries located here are fascinating and surrounded by amazing scenery and views of the island. Majorca is without a doubt one of the best Spanish Islands to visit.

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2. Tenerife

Tenerife, Spanish Holiday Island
Tenerife | image credit – Pixabay/susannemyrin

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and well developed for tourism. As a very popular beach holiday destination, Tenerife is one of the best Spanish Islands to visit. As one of the best islands in Spain, Tenerife is packed with beautiful coastlines, mountains and fantastic beaches. In Tenerife you can do anything you feel like any day of the year thanks to its climate, natural surroundings and tourist infrastructure designed for fun for all the family.

Tenerife features exciting nightlife, excellent dive sites and numerous water sports including surfing, wind surfing, parascending and jet-skiing. Mount Teide, the highest peak in all of Spain, is located here. So, for those who love mountains, Tenerife is one of the best Spanish Islands to visit. There are many lovely drives along rocky cliffs and a cable car to the top of the highest peak in Spain. Adventurous hikers can also climb the mountain, but it is a challenging adventure. The south west coast of Tenerife is a magnificent spot for watching whales free in the ocean.

Visitors can observe baleen whales, killer whales, dolphins, pilot whales and even blue whales. You can get lost in nature, climb Teide, relax on the beach, walk the old town cobbles, go shopping, have fun at a theme park, see a show and play golf; Tenerife is the island of a thousand experiences. Truly it is one of the best Spanish Islands to visit.

1. Ibiza

Ibiza, best Islands in Spain
Ibiza | image credit – Wikimedia/Andre30c

Among the best Islands in Spain, Ibiza is famous for its nightclubs, parties and beaches. Every year people gather here for the spectacular nightlife that is offered here. The most popular places for nightlife are Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Starting after 7 in the evening, they stay open until early morning. You can spend time in the carnival-style market where fresh food and handicrafts can be purchased during the day.

Ibiza is an astonishing island with more than 50 emeralds beaches and an always blue sky. There is also a huge natural cave, The Cova de Can Marca, worth seeing and visitors can take a boat to the nearby island of Formentera. Its beaches and coves compete in beauty with the landscapes of its inland areas. The island also has a deep history and culture. The island has the UNESCO World Heritage designation for its cultural wealth.

There are also some famous site including the terrific Phoenician site at Sa Caleta, the necropolis at Puig des Molins, and the historic old town of Eivissa, Dalt Vila. No matter how you look at it, Ibiza is definitely one of the best Spanish Islands to visit.

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