Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Honduras 2018

There are many places to visit in Honduras. This tropical paradise is located in Central America. Honduras tourist attractions feature beautiful islands, luxuriant rainforests, and striking mountains.

From whitewater rafting to hiking and exotic wildlife viewing, there are many things to do in Honduras. Other than the immediate access to the world’s second largest barrier reef, tourist attractions in Honduras also include ancient Mayan ruins, majestic villages and jovial celebrations. So there is something for everybody here.

Best Places to visit in Honduras:

Here is a short list of top places to visit in Honduras.

10. Cayos Cochinos

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Honduras, Cayos Cochinos
Cayos Cochinos | image credit – Wikimedia/Garcia.dennis

Among many places to visit in Honduras, Cayos Cochinos packs many things in one package. Located on the north coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea, Cayos Cochinos is a small archipelago consisted of two main islands and several smaller cays. The islands are a relatively peaceful retreat for those who want to experience the natural beauty of Honduras without the jostle of tourist crowds.

But the main reasons of the Cayos Cochinos being one of the best places to visit I Honduras are the beauty of its coral reefs, the rosy boa, and Ctenosaura melanosterna. Ctenosaura melanosterna is a reptile that belongs to the iguana family. Tourist can also go on hiking on the many hiking trails that link the beaches to the quiet villages. The islands also feature spectacular beaches that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. With all of these attractions, Cayos Cochinos has become one of the top tourist attractions in Honduras.

9. Rio Cangrejal

Rio Cangrejal, tourist attractions in Honduras
Rio Cangrejal | image credit – Wikimedia/Gartuz

For those who love kayaking and rafting, Honduras tourist attractions offer the Rio Cangrejal. The Rio Cangrejal or the Cangrejal River is one of the most beautiful and scenic river in Central America. The name of the river itself has become the synonym of adrenaline, adventure, nature, and beauty. With its long stretches of whitewater rapids rushing around boulders and plunging over drop-offs, the river has become one of the best places to visit in Honduras for kayaking and rafting.

Ranging from inexperienced to advanced, four different sections of the river are chosen according to skill levels. Tourist can also take help from the several tour operators in the area to arrange tours as well as trained guides to help novices learn the basics of rafting and kayaking. Even if you are a novice, rafting or kayaking is one of the things to do in Honduras. So go to one of the best places to visit in Honduras and enjoy the adventure as well as the beauty of Rio Cangrejal.

8. Comayagua Street Carpets

Comayagua Street Carpets, Honduras tourist attractions
Comayagua Street Carpets | image credit – Wikimedia/LeRoc

During the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, one of the most amazing places to visit in Honduras is the quiet colonial village of Comayagua. During that time Comayagua bursts into a flurry of activity and color with its street carpet tradition. Comayagua Street Carpets is one of the top tourist attractions in Honduras. The huge carpets are elaborately designed to depict Biblical figures and events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The carpet is made with layers of colored sawdust and other natural materials like rice and flower petals.

Afterward, the community joins in a procession of reenacting the events of the crucifixion by walking on the carpets in costumes. They also carry religious icons and reading from scripture. It is a thing to see even for non-religious visitors.

7. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve

Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, things to do in Honduras
Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve | image credit – Wikimedia/Beverly

Among the many places to visit in Honduras, Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is a must-do for nature lovers. This Biosphere Reserve protects some of the largest surviving and undamaged ecosystems as well as several endangered species. As one of the famous Honduras tourist attractions, the reserve offers hiking, fishing and rafting expeditions as well as tours through the tropical rainforests to view striking birds, jaguars, monkeys, iguanas and crocodiles.

Visitors can also enjoy a great number of archaeological sites such as Mayan ruins and a spot visited by Christopher Columbus. Hiking through the rainforest to see the famous Mayan ruins is one of the most exciting things to do in Honduras.

6. Guanaja

Guanaja, tourist attractions in Honduras
Guanaja | image credit – Wikimedia/Denise Clarke

Guanaja is a scenic island offering a serene escape to the tourist where they can relax or engage in fun outdoor activities. The island has year-round warm temperatures. Because of the high levels of visibility and coral reef, the ocean waters surrounding Guanaja are ideal for diving and snorkeling. As one of the best places to visit in Honduras, Guanaja also features jungle trekking, hiking to Grant’s Peak, viewing a lovely waterfall, and exploring the shopping, cuisine, and culture of the local villages.

5. Punta Sal

Punta Sal, Honduras tourist attractions
Punta Sal | image credit – Wikimedia/Ppntori

One of the most popular places to visit in Honduras to encounter the natural beauty and wildlife is Punta Sal. It is a protected territory where tourists can see a wide variety of wildlife species like tropical birds, monkeys, sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, crocodiles, and boas. There are plenty of diverse landscapes of sandy beaches, rainforests, mangrove swamps and coastal lagoons in Punta Sal. Visitors can also learn about the local culture in the traditional village of thatched huts located in the reserve.

4. Lago de Yojoa

Lago de Yojoa, things to do in Honduras
Lago de Yojoa | image credit – Wikimedia/Frank Domínguez 15

Lake Yojoa is the largest natural lake and one of the hot places to visit in Honduras for many tourists. The lake is a haven for bird watchers. There is an abundance of fish and bird species in the lake. Fishing and bird watching in Lake Yojoa is one of the things to do in Honduras. Other attractions include dipping in nearby hot springs, hiking to stunning waterfalls, exploring caves, touring coffee plantations and investigating ancient Mayan ruins. There are also plenty of restaurants and hotels in the lake area.

3. Utila

Utila, tourist attractions in Honduras
Utila | image credit – Wikimedia/Rythie

Utila is one of the Bay Islands and regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean. Utila features the cheapest Open Water courses available in the Caribbean. As a result, it certifies more new divers than any other place in the world. Visitors can also go swimming, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. But water sports are not the only aspects that make Utila one of the most popular tourist attractions in Honduras. Tourists can also go hiking or horse riding through the jungle. Or those with the exploring minds can visit caves and climb Pumpkin Hill to enjoy picturesque views.

2. Copan

Copan, Honduras tourist attractions
Copan | image credit – Wikimedia/Adalberto Hernandez Vega

One of the most exciting places to visit in Honduras is Copan. It is a relatively small Mayan site famous for its remarkable series of portrait stelae. Copan boasts some of the very finest surviving art of ancient Mesoamerica. Some of the stone structures at Copan date back to the 9th century BC. By the 5th century, the city grew into one of the most important Maya sites with more than 20,000 inhabitants. But a few centuries later the site was mysteriously abandoned. Today it is one of the top tourist attractions in Honduras. Tourists can find all types of accommodations and other facilities in the nearby town of Copan Ruinas.

1. Roatan

Roatan, things to do in Honduras
Roatan | image credit – Wikimedia/BetacommandBot

A popular port-of-call for cruise ships, Roatan is a Honduras Bay Island located in the Caribbean Sea. Because of the scenic beauty and numerous activities, the island of Roatan has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Honduras. Visitors can go diving, snorkeling and swimming in the beautiful water. There are many other attractions like the Iguana Farm, the Caramola Gardens and the Roatan Butterfly Garden. With elegant beaches and coral reef, Roatan is one of the most popular and beautiful places to visit in Honduras.

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