Top 10 Best Islands in Croatia

Just off the Croatian coastline, you will find more than one thousand dazzling islands. Although most of the islands are small and uninhabited, the few inhabited islands are worthy enough to Croatian tourism. The sheer diversity and overwhelming beauty of the Croatian islands attract millions of tourists from every part of the world.

All the fun stuffs of life are waiting for you in these islands, from nudist beaches to windsurfing, and organic wines to all-night dance parties. The most comforting thing about these islands is that it offers its pleasure for people from all walks of life. Here is our list of Top 10 Best Islands in Croatia.

10 Best Islands in Croatia:

10. Krk

Best Islands in Croatia, Krk
Krk | image credit – Wikimedia/Zoran Knez

Commonly referred to as the “golden island”, Krk is one of the best islands in Croatia. It is the nearest of the Croatian islands to Western Europe. It is one of the easiest accessible islands because it is only connected to the mainland via a bridge.  The island is the right place for nature lovers.  The amazing island possesses a wide array of landscapes. While the southern tip of the island offers gentle bays, the northern side is dry.

This is one of the best Croatian islands for summer recreation sports, mostly water sports including scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing, and paragliding. The island has a historical significance on Croatian culture. The undisputed beauty of the island is the subject of depiction in arts, literature and even in video games. It is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Croatia.

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9. Rab

Rab, best Croatian islands
Rab | image credit – Wikimedia/Tess

Located just off the northern coast of Croatia, Rab is one of the best Croatian Island hopping. The island is all about serenity and a complete escape from civilized mechanical life. As the most densely wooded of the Croatian islands, the island has a biological importance beside tourism. It is the home to many rare botanical lives.

Komrcar Park is one of the most popular attractions on Rab. It is the home to home to numerous plants and trees, including a 100-year old agave. It is comparatively much greener than other islands in the Adriatic Sea and has a lovely weather. It is one of the best islands in Croatia and an excellent place to visit with family and friends.

8. Kornati

Kornati, Croatia island hopping
Kornati | image credit – Wikimedia/AlMare

Kornati is an archipelago, comprising around 130 islands, reefs, and islets. It is known as the Stomorski islands too. The island is just like a little paradise on earth with a stunning array of vineyards, olive trees, and fig trees. The landscape of the island set against chalk limestone. It is the best place on earth if you are a bit of reclusive.

You can take a stroll along the zigzag pathways to enjoy a view of the open sea from one of the enormous cliffs rising up from these islands. Kornati archipelago was declared as a national park, Nacionalni Park Kornati in 1980 in order to protect the islands and their marine surroundings. The islands are much enriched with flora and fauna. It is obviously one of the best islands in Croatia.

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7. Pag

Pag, best Croatian islands
Pag | image credit – Wikimedia/Selby

Pag has one of the one with the longest coastline in the world and as a result gifted with plenty of bays, coves, capes and beaches. Pag was the place where the first Croatian wind farm was built. Although a major portion of the island has a rocky topography, there has also lush fields and valleys that are suitable for wine growing and cultivating olives. These juicy grapes are the sources of fine wine of the island.

Pag has gained a unique attention for its barren landscape that creates a surreal vive and make its beaches different from stereotype beaches. Spiaggia di Rucica beach is so maverick that it is called the beach from another planet. Olive Gardens of Lun is a beautiful place to roam and it’s really make you pensive. The island also holds its muse for night. There are several dance Clubs & Discos, bars in the town. In a word, it is one of the best Croatia Island hopping and one of the best islands in Croatia.

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6. Mljet

Mljet, Croatia island hopping
Mljet | image credit –

Mljet is one of the best Croatian islands covered with forests, vineyards and small villages. The northwestern half of the island contains Mljet National Park. The park is something extraordinary with lush vegetation, pine forests and spectacular saltwater lakes. It was the place where according to legend Odysseus was captivated for seven years. It is one of the best Croatian islands.

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5. Cres

Cres, best Croatian islands
Cres | image credit – Wikimedia/Antonio

Cres is going to lure you with its intoxicating and inspiring natural beauty. The island is covered with dense primeval forests. It has a steep coastline of soaring cliffs and a beautiful ancient hilltop towns. Every road and pathway of the town is full of scenic beauties and you will feel a completely different sensation from the surroundings. It is one of the best islands in Croatia.

4. Brac

Brac, Croatia island hopping
Brac | image credit – Wikimedia/Alex Proimos

Brac is one of the best for Croatia Island hopping. The island is everything that Mother Nature could give her beloved child, rolling hills, isolated bays, clear water, and pine and fig tree. No wonder why it is one of the best Croatian islands for tourism. The old town of Bol which has many stone houses is a major tourist attraction. Don’t forget to visit Dragon’s cave.

It is on the southern end of the island and has a surprising blend of Christian and Croat pagan symbols. There has also an island museum in the village of Škrip, and the famous Zlatni Rat beach near Bol. It is one of the best islands in Croatia.

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3. Korcula

Korcula, best Croatian islands
Korcula | image credit – Flickr/Carine06

Korcula is the second most populous island after Krk and it has a very beautiful capital known as -”Little Dubrovnik” for its eloquent beauty. The city is full of ancient wonderful architectures and it is the reason it is compared with Dubrovnik. It has the most beautiful town on the Croatian coast. The main tourist attraction is the alleged house of birth of Marco Polo. Korcula has some rich traditions. Folk music and dances are still performed in different occasions. It is also popular for its wine. It is one of the best islands in Croatia.

2. Vis

Vis, Croatia island hopping
Vis | image credit – Wikimedia/Minestrone

Vis was a thriving fishing island even in the last centuries but as the time passes by, it eventually has become one of the best islands in Croatia for tourism. It is regarded as the most mysterious inland in this area and gained quite a fame for its wine among wine connoisseurs. It has a long history of wine growing and may be not a wise decision to refrain from wine in this island.

The island was isolated for a long period and could not get developed properly with time. This lack of development has become a blessing for the island and it is now one of best Croatian islands to visit for nature lovers.

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1. Hvar

Hvar, best Croatian islands
Hvar | image credit – Wikimedia/Andres rus

Hvar is undoubtedly one of best islands in Croatia with spectacular beaches, rolling hills, abundant vineyards and exotic nightlife. If you ever step on this island, you will find that the town reveals its charm bit by bit to you. The island’s medieval fortification is very fascinating and strolling down the medieval streets is just walking in your sweetest dream. The Town Square in Hvar is one of the places that you will not want to miss to visit.

It was built in 13th century. The Cathedral of St. Stephen, built during the 16th and 17th centuries dominates the one end of the Town Square. The island is very popular for hiking among tourists.  Big green hills of the island attract many amateur tourists for hiking. Hvar has also some old stunning villages that you can visit. It is obviously one of the best Croatian islands.

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