Top 10 Best Greek Islands to Visit

Greece is the most influential country in the history of science and philosophy. The country consists of a large mainland, two smaller peninsulas and a large number of islands. The islands cover about 17% of the country’s total territory. The islands have a diversity both in size and climate. In addition to the country’s heavily enriched history and architecture, the beautiful and exotic Greek islands drives millions of tourists every year, making the country one of the world’s top travel destinations.

A tour to this country will certainly make your head giddy. You will feel a great deal of dilemma to choose as you will see there are so many best Greek Islands to visit. Every island features some unique things that is not an easy thing to ignore. Even if you have enough time, you will depart the country with a sigh that if you had some more time. The moderate and sensational weather of the islands are also deeply alluring.

10 Best Greek Islands to Visit:

To make you a little more relaxed in Greek island cruises, we will provide a list of best Greek islands to visit. For a convenient tour, check out the following list of top 10 best Greek islands to visit.

10. Kos

Top 10 Best Greek Islands to Visit, Kos
Kos | image credit – Wikimedia/Chris Vlachos

Kos was first appeared in Homer’s epic Iliad. Legend says, the island was visited by Heracles. It is part of the Dodecanese island chain in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Specified by fertile farmland abundant in grapes, figs, olives, corn and wheat and long strips of white, clean beaches, Kos is one of best Greek islands to visit. Filled with historical sites, picturesque landscapes, fresh air and tranquil beaches, the island is like a little paradise on earth. The island is a popular tourist area and tourism is the main source of income of the island. Kos has one of the biggest ancient market place in the ancient world. There are a number of hotels, restaurants and a small number of nightclubs in the town.

You can enjoy many Greek and Roman archaeological sites in the island. It is supposed to be the birth place of famous ancient physician Hippocrates. The Asklepeion what was once the training place for Hippocrates, is now a museum. On the south-east coast, there is a resort called Kardamena ensures that you can spend a Greek island holidays. The most popular beach is Kefalos istmus. Snorkeling is very popular in the beach. Sailing is the most popular activity in the island. Tourists can find a wide selection of yachts in here. It is one of the best Greek islands to visit.

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9. Paros

Paros, Greek island holidays
Paros | image credit – Wikimedia/Bgabel

Paros is one of the Cyclades island group. Lie to the west of Naxos, it is one of the best Greek islands to visit. An area of 196 square kilometers and a coastline 120km long make it the second largest island of the Cyclades. The island is famous for its fine white marble in the history. At present, the island is noted for Greek island holidays. It has an old fishing village, Naoussa. It is special for its Venetian port and its many fish restaurants which attract the Greek island hopping tourists. The island is also no less in architectural beauty. The church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani (the church of 100 doors), a 4th century monument, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1773 is quite a spectacular beauty.

Legend says, the original church was built by the mother of St. Constantine, St. Helen. There are nice tavernas (small Greek restaurant or café) and beautiful alleys in Lefkes village in the middle of the island. If you have time, you can take a walk at the old stones of the Byzantine Route down to Prodromos. Paros has some excellent beaches including Chrissí Aktí (Golden Beach), Logaras, Agia Irini, Farangas, Krios and Kato yalos. The island is renowned for its watersports. The strong wind of the beaches are helpful for kite and windsurfing. There is a fantastic Aqua Park for the kids. Paros is undoubtedly one of the best Greek islands to visit.

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8. Samos

Samos, Greek island cruises
Samos | image credit – Wikimedia/Pe-sa

If you want to visit the sunny, vibrant island, Samos is probably one of best Greek islands to visit. It is an island in the North Aegean Sea. The stunning pebble beaches and crystal clear waters will be certainly going to win your day. It is one of the best places for scuba diving and snorkeling. Samos is also an idea place for hiking. It has almost 45 hiking routes. Samos architectural sites gained the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ruins of the Temple of Hera as well as the Eupalinian aqueduct are priceless architectural sites of Samos.

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7. Chios

Chios, Greek island tours
Chios | image credit – Wikimedia/Cllueca

Parted from Turkey by a slight strait, the island of Chios is a wonderful place for sightseeing and one of the best Greek islands to visit. The most notable historic site is Nea Moni, an 11th century monastery. It is located in the center of the island. Tourists can explore several medieval villages with their ancient walls and towers in the southern region of the island.

The colorful tulips growing in this area also give it a marvelous look. If you hit the town in a holiday, don’t miss the unique tradition in the town of Vrontados where locals practice a friendly church war during Easter services.

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6. Corfu

Corfu, Greek island hopping
Corfu | image credit – Wikimedia/StefanosKozanis

Corfu is the northernmost and the second largest of the Ionian Islands. It is probably the best Greek islands to visit to enjoy blend of ethnic cultures to its contrasting landscapes and array of attractions. The island was marked from the beginnings of Greek mythology. The inland’s history is full of battles and conquests. The architectural variety of the buildings indicate its Greek, Italian, French and British past.

The city’s old quarter was declared to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Old Perithia, Oldest Village of Corfu is a protected site full of natural beauty. It is an excellent example of the Venetian influence on the island. It is one of the best Greek island hopping for its exotic night life.

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5. Skiathos

Skiathos, best Greek island to visit
Skiathos | image credit – Flickr/furrymammals

Skiathos is the westernmost island in the Sporades Island groups. It is always on top of the Greek island tours for nature lovers. Skiathos offers vast hills of lush pines, sandy beaches, plenty of wildlife and a nature conservatory. It is undoubtedly the most tourist-attracted island of the Sporades and one of the best Greek islands to visit. The island has some beautiful archaeological sites like The Medieval and Byzantine Castle, The Byzantine Church of Christ, Holy Monastery of Evangelistria, Old Monastery of Panaghia Ekonistria, Old Monastery of Panaghia Kechrià, Church of Panaghia Limnià, Church of Tris Ieràrches.

You can also visit Papadiamantis House – Museum, if you like.  It is the house of Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis.  The most tourist attracted beach is Koukounaries Beach. Like every Greek island beach, Skiathos beach has its own specialty. Visiting to Skiathos is a great Greek island tours and it is one of the best Greek islands to visit.

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4. Rhodes

Rhodes, Greek island holidays
Rhodes | image credit – Wikimedia/Jebulon

Rhodes is one of most popular and largest Greek island. It is the most fertile island and one of the best Greek islands to visit. Rhodes is historically famous for Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today, the Medieval Old Town of the island gained the status of World Heritage Site. Some of the major architectural sites are Asklipio, Castle with acropolis over Lindos, Castle of Kastellos, Castle of Monolithos, Filerimos Hill, and Kamiros. The most exquisite things to watch in this island is Valley of the Butterflies. Countless colorful butterflies flying around the island is really something else.

You will get the sunniest beaches in this island. Tourist can keep themselves busy in sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing and all other fun you can anticipated from Greek island hopping. Some adventure lovers also tend to climb Mt Attavyros, a challenging 2-3 hr climb to the island’s highest point. Rhodes should be on top of your Greek island tours and it is certainly one of the best Greek islands to visit.

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3. Crete

Crete, Greek island cruises
Crete | image credit – Wikimedia/Thomas Meienberg

Crete is the largest and most populous Greek islands. Crete may be the most well-known Greek islands in the history for cultural and economic importance from the ancient period. It is without a doubt one of best Greek islands to visit.  Crete has one of the best picturesque landscape and tourists enjoy one of the best Greek island holidays here. Wonderful valleys and mountains full of olive groves, vineyards, orange and lemon orchards, fields of artichokes, and olive trees create an everlasting beauty and make it one of the top Greek island cruises. Ruins of ancient Minoan civilization are also wonderful sites to watch and believed to be full of hidden gems.

The island has some of the world-class archaeological, art, and historical museums. This is also an island of caves. Like other Greek island tours, you will get a plenty of chances of roaming around beautiful beaches. You must not forget to stop by in Crete kafeneion and have a coffee, a beer or an ouzo at one. Crete has its own unique flamboyant festivals. There are some trees exit which are about 2000 years old. In Crete, you will get your best Greek island holidays and it is surely one of the best Greek islands to visit.

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2. Mykonos

Mykonos, Greek island tours
Mykonos | image credit – Flickr/Richard Martin

Mykonos is widely recognized as one of the greatest travel destinations and one of the best Greek islands to visit. Known as the island of the winds, it is noted as a cosmopolitan destination amongst the Greek islands. According to Greek mythology, this is the island where a great battle between Zeus and Titans took place. It is the most expensive island along with Santorini. Mykonos is also one of the hottest gay holiday destinations in Europe.

There are some spectacular windmills built in 16th century. Little Venice, a Mykonos Town known for its quaint medieval two and three storey houses standing like a wall above the sea. The colorful wooden balconies of the house with a fantastic sunset create one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. There is an impressive Byzantine church Panagia Paraportiani. It is the most photographed and visited building in the island. There are some museums, you can visit. The island is full of beautiful beaches and these exquisite beaches make it the best Greek island holidays. Mykonos is always should be on top of Greek island cruises list. For party lover, it is one of the best Greek islands to visit.

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1. Santorini

Santorini, Greek island hopping
Santorini | image credit – Wikimedia/Norbert Nagel

Santorini is probably the best Greek island to visit. It is a volcanic island forming the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands. It is part of the Thira regional unit. The island bears the testimony of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. The eruption occurred about 3,600 years ago and known as the Minoan eruption. According to legend, it is the source of the legend of Atlantis. The beauty of Santorini can’t express in word. Active volcano, stunning sunsets, the white-washed houses make it a little dreamland on earth.

The beach of Perissa is the best beach of the island and turns it one of the best Greek island holidays. Kamari is a long black sand and popular for topless sunbathing. You may remember Santorini for its legendary sunset and it may be the reason, it is one of Greek island cruises. The sun disappearing behind the volcano make a hypnotic environment around the area. Another intriguing factor of making it one of the best Greek island tours is “smoking” islands which bear the myth of Atlantis. The countryside of the island still hold the where you will find cave houses. Gardens, vineyards, small family business, and tiny churches.

This is one of the best Greek islands to visit. Boat excursions in the volcano island is also very exciting. Akrotiri, the ancient Minoan town preserved in volcanic ash. The Museum of Prehistoric Thira contains some of the artifacts found in the ruins of Akrotiri. The cubic white-washed homes and blue-domed churches of the town are hard to fade in memory. You can spend a perfect Greek island holidays by Scuba diving and Snorkeling. In a word, undoubtedly this is the best Greek island to visit.

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