Best Family Tents for Bad Weather | Weathermaster Reviews 2021

When it comes to family vacation, I always want to plan through. One bad move and you have to suffer from your wife and kids. Nothing could be more embarrassing than that. Bad weather is particularly not preferable for a family vacation. But vacation means a lot to a family. They usually plan it for months, kids are waiting with immeasurable joy and there are not lots of free time with the job, kids’ school, and many other schedules. So I think you should not miss a family vacation if the weather gets a bit bumpy.

If you expect bad weather, then you need a badass tent for camping. A tent that is spacious, comfy, and at the same time keep you completely safe against bad weather. The tent must be well equipped with heavy rain, strong wind, snow, and dust. A good tent can turn your family vacation into merriment even the weather gets rough and too bad for roaming around.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Features and specifications:

  • A free-standing tent with fiberglass poles and steel uprights, making it strong and stable
  • A standard family size cabin style tent built for three seasons
  • Very tall tent, the peak is 87 inches high
  • The walls are steep and straight making it more spacious
  • 75D 185T Polyester fly
  • 150D polyester oxford floor with 2000 mm coating
  • Weight: 21 lb

Browning Camping Big Horn is a master class tent. It gives something new to camping. Its freestanding fiberglass poles and steel makes it a formidable fortress against the ghastly weather. For an enormous tent, setup is very easy. One person can do it but become a lot easier if another one lends a hand. The tent is constructed with a straight sidewall which makes it roomier. It has one door and three windows. The roof is made of mesh. So you will get a pleasant interior with lots of air circulation.

This tent’s weather protection is really praiseworthy. Whether it’s heavy rain or dreadful storm, the tent will keep you dry and warm. The Interior is very spacious. It can accommodate as many as eight people. It is just perfect if you have two or three kids. They can play around if they can’t go outside for bad weather. They don’t feel congested at all. You will get lots of storage facilities too. It’s almost like a nice little living room.

The tent is well built with a super quality product. No wonder why it gets so many raving reviews. You can make the best use of the tent in many ways. It will give you service for the season after season. Vacation is not a matter of tension anymore if you have this tent. It is a heavy tent.  But I think it is quite normal for a family tent to have this much weight.


  • Waterproof
  • Wind protected
  • Very spacious
  • Made of durable quality material
  • Well ventilated tent
  • Easy setup


  • The entire ceiling is made of mesh so not a very good tent for winter

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

Features and specifications:

  • Large family tent for 6 to 10 people
  • Separate bug-free screen room for fresh air and nice view
  • Storage pocket to keep small things in check
  • An E-port for your digital device
  • Water-resistant zipper cuff for the door
  • An expandable carry bag is included
  • One year warranty!
  • Weight: 32 lb

Coleman is a name of a dependable brand. Its WeatherMaster is simply the best tent for a family vacation. Its comfort level is unparalleled. Plenty of spaces. It has lots of lucrative features that people feel blessed to have camping. It has two separate rooms. One is the usual room and another is the floorless screen room. This room is specially designed to have much more fresh air. It also offers an amazing side view. A separate room also helps you to keep things more organized.

Coleman WeatherMaster is specially built to handle bad weather. It’s fully taped rainfly ensures zero leaks. Its fabric is water repellent. So it doesn’t get soak and sticky after rain. The floor is a hundred percent leak-free. The strong poles help it to withstand stormy weather. Zippers are airtight. The interior remains fully dry even in the heaviest rain. The tent is also easier to handle. Don’t get fooled by its enormous size. Setup is surprisingly easy.

Coleman has a hundred years legacy as a brand. This one is without a question one of the best family tents for bad weather. For its separate room, it’s a dog-friendly tent too. Price is quite reasonable. If you yet fail to hesitate to choose it for your family, then you should now that it comes with one year warranty.   


  • Waterproof
  • Two separate room (one screen room)
  • Wind protected
  • Air circulation is extraordinary
  • Easy setup
  • Durable


  • Very large and heavy
  • The screen room is not waterproof

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent

Features and specifications:

  • Built from hundred percent waterproof breathable cotton duck canvas sealed with Hydra-Shield
  • 2 large D-shaped doors
  • 6.6 feet high ceiling to fit in even the tallest one
  • 4 large windows with no-see-um mesh
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is the name of comfort. It is built from 100% rainproof breathable cotton duck canvas sealed with Hydra-Shield. The tent serves extraordinarily in the bad weather. In my book, this is one of the best waterproof family tents. It has four no-see-ums mesh large windows and two large D-shaped doors. So the airflow inside the interior is exceptionally good. It has two funnel-flow vents that make the ventilation even better. It also helps to keep the room temperature cool.

This tent is heavy and huge. It is so much specious that it’s almost like living in a living room. That’s why I like it so much for family vacation even though it’s very heavy. This is a good old tent that suits everyone. As it’s heavy, it’s not suitable for backpacking, hiking or trekking at all. But it’s best suited for car camping, beach camping, hunting, fishing, etc.

Camping is for some people a family tradition. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is like pride for them. It works as a bond between the old and new generations. It brings so many happy memories to a family that is literally priceless. Except for heavyweight, the tent doesn’t have any bad issues. Price is also not out of reach. If it fits you, don’t hesitate to buy it.


  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • Plenty of spaces
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Very easy setup


  • Too heavy to carry

Final Thoughts

Nowadays family traditions are not valued that much. Family ties are falling apart. This is not a good sign. In our modern lifestyle, we almost started to forget the most important unit of social structure, family. That’s why I think family vacation is so valuable. It brings joy to the family members, keeps their bond tight, and leaves children some worthy childhood memories to remember. The budget should not be an obstacle to these great joys and bonds.

Don’t think that these tents compromise a bit to offer a reasonable price. Instead of hiking the price, they work hard to make the best possible outcome. Every tent we described has its unique designs and advantages. You have to decide which one will serve you and your family the best. You also have to consider the weather condition of the area you want to visit before you buy a tent. A good tent may not always be the best for a certain weather condition.