Best Budget Backpacking Tents | 2021 Update

People have the impression that if they spend more money, they can buy superior quality products. The more you spend the better your products will be. Well, that’s not always the case. Market, whether it is conventional or digital, is a very complicated place. The whole idea of marketing is just the opposite of your interest. They want to sell the least quality product at the most possible price. On the other hand, you want to buy the best quality product at the least possible price.

When you look for a tent, you obviously want the best possible tent your budget can afford. The tent has to be durable, easy to carry and quick to set up. These qualities may not satisfy you if the tent doesn’t have a good look. And you can’t just only wander around amazing product. Too much price could mess up your tour budget. There are indeed some superb tents at a surprisingly low price. All you need is to open your eyes to find out.

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Features and specifications:

  • A dome-style three-season four-person backpacking tent
  • A front vestibule to keep your tent front and gear dry
  • The weatherTec system features protected seam, a weather-resistant fabric made zipper cuff and waterproof floor
  • The interior is built from a full mesh
  • Snag-free continuous pole sleeves
  • A couple of mesh pockets to keep small things in check
  • Weight: 11.7 lb

Coleman is always a trustworthy brand for the backpackers. I like this one especially because it has a general appeal. I mean it works for most of the backpackers. It is not too heavy to carry. It has lots of space, can accommodate four people. You can use this tent for solo camping or small group camping. It is very user-friendly. Setup is not complicated. There is a fully covered vestibule to keep the tent front dry and provide extra storage space for your gear.

The tent is a savior in rainy weather. Its weatherTec system makes it a little impenetrable fortress for rain. It’s protected seam, a weather-resistant fabric made zipper cuff, the waterproof floor gives no change to leak water. There is a rainfly to provide extra protection. The wind strong frame is to defend extreme wind. The interior is made of mesh to improve airflow. There are a couple of mesh pockets to keep the small important things in check.

The tent may not have a super quick setup or ultra-lightweight. But if you consider all functionalities, you will understand that the tent is very effective for outdoor camping.  The price is very very reasonable. You don’t have to be extra delicate to use the tent. If you buy Coleman Hooligan, I think that’s a win for you.


  • Waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • Very spacious
  • Airflow is considerably good
  • Reasonable price


  • A bit heavy
  • Setup takes time

Alvantor Camping Tent

Features and specifications:

  • The tent has an amazing mechanism for quick setup and easy fold-down
  • Hundred percent Polyester walls and hundred percent Polyethylene bathtub style floor
  • 2 mesh sunroof windows and mesh D-doors for better air circulation
  • Spacious enough for two people
  • Super light tent, weight only 3.5 lbs
  • It offers one year warranty

Well, I’m not saying this is a super quality tent. But the feature it provides is way too good if you consider the price. I think if you were not notified of the price, you had no way to know that it’s so cheap. It’s compact, stylish and cool to carry. I was surprised to see its weight, only 3.5 pounds, a perfect weight for a backpacking tent. Setup is as simple as a backpacking tent should be. It is very spacious compared to its lightweight. Two adult people can easily cheap in.

The design is simple and user-friendly. The fabric is made of good quality. It is pretty durable. Ventilation is really priced worthy. 2 mesh sunroof windows and mesh D-doors provide enough air circulation. The finishing touch of the tent is really great. Everything about this tent is simple and effortless. Unfortunately, the tent is not waterproof. So it is not a great choice for you if you want to camp in the rainy season.

Tents like this one are ideal for quick tour plan. If you are need of a good tent and you are tight on cash, you can buy this one without any hesitation. Don’t let the price fool you. It may not be super delicate to use but it’s comfy enough to stay. Before buying this, I must remind you that this tent is not suitable for camping is a harsh area or rough weather.   


  • Ultralight backpacking tent
  • Spacious enough
  •  One year warranty
  • Easy setup
  • Well ventilated
  • Surprisingly cheap


  • Not waterproof at all

Dimples Excel Single Instant Pop Up

Features and specifications:

  • Automatic popup setup. You can set it up in two seconds
  • It builds with a super fine mesh (about 1200 holes per inch)
  • Made of 100% wrinkle and tear-resistant polyester
  • Super compact tent, Easy and stylish to use, Comes with a carry bag
  • Weight is only 3 pounds

I don’t really how someone could unlove this tent. I get a bit crazy to describe the unbelievably great features of this magical tent. You can set this baby up in literally two seconds. Just remove the elastic strap and throw it in the air. It’s super compact and super light. It weighs only 3 pounds! Can you believe it? It is really spacious for a light tent. It comes with a mosquito net. I can’t think of a better tent to camp within a mosquito or bug-infested area other than this tent.

Don’t even think that they compromise the features and qualities to make it compact and lightweight. It is built with quality products. Fabric is waterproof and durable. You can use it season after season. The tent is not doing bad in rough weathers too. The tent can withstand the extreme load. The wall is built of super-fine mesh. So the air circulation is also great.

In a word, this tent is an ideal one for summer camping. I didn’t even believe that tent-like this could be so cheap. What I love about the tent is that it has rare flaws. They manage to provide all these amazing features in such a small price. The tent is solid for any outdoor camping like hiking, climbing, fishing, beach party, etc.


  • Instant pop up the setup
  • Super lightweight
  • Bug-free net
  • Very reasonable price
  • Durable
  • Well ventilated


  • Mosquito net could make you uncomfortable

Final Thoughts

Travelling is costly. Though when there is will, there is way, you still need the least amount of budget to fulfill the will. A budget is the most crucial part of a tour. You must have to make it as effective as possible so that you don’t have to worry later. But you can’t buy a cheap quality product too. Saving a few bucks could make you suffer more. So when you buy a tent, you must consider first where you want to go. Is your tent suitable for that area? Then you can choose your tent at least price.

There are many low prices of tents. Many of them look great too. But buying them could be a mistake because the tent would lose functionality after two or three seasons. Sometimes brand value, user reviews can help you to choose. A wise choice makes all the difference in camping.