Top 10 Best Beaches in Croatia To Visit

Croatia boasts a seemingly countless number of beautiful beaches with its thousand islands and a deeply grooved coast that adds up to 5800 kilometers of shoreline. Croatia is one of the exceptionally scenic countries and its marvelous island-speckled coastline is without a doubt its main attraction. Croatia beaches are prominent with their diversity. Some Croatia beach resorts are famous for glitz and glamour, some beaches get attention for their laid back nature, some beaches are loved for the white sand and others are covered with water-smoothed pebbles.

Croatia beaches are becoming increasingly popular in Europe since its independence. Croatia beach holidays will be some of the rarest moment in your life. Here is a list of top 10 best beaches in Croatia.

10 Best Beaches in Croatia:

10. Omis Beach

best-beaches-in-croatia, Omis Beach
Omis Beach | image credit – Wikimedia/Beyond silence

Omis beach is without a doubt one of the best beaches in Croatia. Its main attraction is long, wide stretches of golden sand. If you want to escape the stress and rush of modern life, Omis Beach is your place. Its rich vegetation, fresh air and crystal blue sea make it one of the best beaches in Croatia. The beach is about one kilometer long and its warm, shallow waters are great for the family tours.  The Beach is located on the seaside town of Omni.

Omis is filled with wine-cellars restaurants and cafe bars.  Omis has a great reputation of Mediterranean cuisine, with its olive oil, fish and sea food. Here you can catch the true spirit of Mediterranean culture. Omis is truly a paradise on earth. It is without a doubt one of the best beaches in the world.

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9. Banje Beach

banje-beach, Croatia beach holidays
banje-beach | image credit – Wikimedia/Chris Brown

Banje Beach is a dream beach for any tourists in the world. It is located in the extreme south coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik which is one of the top travel destinations of the country. It is the nearest beach to the Old Town. It is one of the best beaches in Croatia. It becomes very crowded in summer time as it is a favorite spot for the family tours.  It also the oldest beach in old town.

There are some of the most delightful restaurants   lounge & club in this area. It offers all the luxury a tourist can expect from a place. No wonder why it is one of the best beaches in Croatia. It is a hotspot for the celebrities and business tycoons.  There is no way you can miss this beach in your Croatia trip.

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8. Dubovica Beach

dubovica-beach, Croatia beach resorts
dubovica-beach | image credit – Wikimedia/Танович

Dubovica Beach is certainly going to dazzle your eyes and sooth your mind. It is located nearly 8 km east from the city of Hvar.  It is the largest beach in Hvar Island.  It is free from the crowd and noise of the city. In order to keep the beach quieter, the parking service is limited. The pebble beach is secluded in an emerald green lagoon set against a small cluster of historic stone houses settled among rolling hills. This makes the view heavenly.

The quiet, crystal clear water tempts travelers to play all sorts of water sports like swimming, snorkeling, undersea exploration and many other activities. No wonder why it is one of the best beaches in Croatia. It is protected from the strong current. So it is a perfect place for the children to play around.

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7. Makarska Beach

makarska-beach, Croatia beaches
makarska-beach | image credit – Wikimedia/DaBler

Makarska Beach may not get highlighted that much but it is one of the best beaches in Croatia.   Located between the cities of Makarska and Split, Makarska is gifted with some of the country’s loveliest stretches of beach. It is stretching nearly 65 km and built around a deep sheltered bay rimmed with pebbled beaches. Makarska Beaches have been awarded several times Blue Flag international awards for the cleanness of the sea and the beaches.

Moreover, these beaches are naturists friendly beaches. These beaches are not so popular although having one of the best picturesque views is because it is not easy to reach.  That’s why this is called the hidden jewels. This is without a doubt one of the best beaches in Croatia.

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6. Stara Baska

stara-baska, Croatia beach holidays
stara-baska | image credit – Wikimedia/schnaufa

Stara Baska is a small Croatian village located on the southwest coast of the Island of Krk. The scenic beauty of this beach is unparalleled. There is no question that it is one of the best beaches in Croatia. It was formerly known just for its locally grown and milled wheat but it has been changed dramatically over the year.

The major attraction is it’s more than 700 m of breathtaking coastline and fragrant Mediterranean greenery giving shade during long summer time. The pebbly beach lies in the protected cove of Oprna Bay. There is a hiking trail, a steep path to the beach. There is only a bar in Stara Baske so tourists have to trek to go get their supply to Skrila campsite. Stara Baska is one of the best beaches in Croatia.

5. Queen’s Beach

beach-sunrise, Croatia beaches
beach-sunrise | image credit – Wikimedia/Lê Hồ Bắc

Queen’s Beach is without a doubt one of the best Croatia beach resorts. Located in the town of Nin in northern Dalmatia, it is an exclusive, unique and romantic island resort lush with tropical plants and close to miles of crystal blue waters.  It is exclusive in a sense that sandy beach are not common in Croatia and in this area, you will get more than a mile. There is simply nothing more to explain why Queen’s Beach is one of the best beaches in Croatia.

This beach will offer you some of the greatest Croatia beach holidays. The scenic beauty of this beach is magical. Its scenic beauty with its luxurious facility makes it one of the best beaches in Croatia. This is a perfect destination for honeymoon. It is also a popular destination kite and wind surfing.

4. Sveti Ivan

sveti-ivan, Croatia beach resorts
sveti-ivan | image credit – Wikimedia/Jaganjac

Located at the foot of picturesque village of Lubenice, Sveti Ivan is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Croatia. Lubenice is an ancient fort city almost entirely built of stone. So it is not hard to comprehend why it is one of the best beaches in Croatia. The beach lies on Cres Island. It is a favorite spot for stopping yachts at sea.

The beach is not accessed by car. So the tourists can only access to the beach by foot.  But the route to the beach is really scenic so the tourists really don’t get bothered or tired in their way of visiting Sveti Ivan. The snow white pebble beach and clean blue water is really amazing to watch. It has been listed by ‘Bild’ as as the 15th most beautiful in the world.

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3. Punta Rata

punta-rata, Croatia beaches
punta-rata | image credit – Wikimedia/Luss

With it’s sapphire like clear water, Punta Rata is one of the best beaches in Croatia. The influential Forbes magazine listed it as the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world and the most beautiful beach in Europe. It has been also awarded blue flag status. Situated in the small town of Brela, Punta Rata is well-known for its mesmerizing beauty. Encircled by fig trees and groves of olive, it gives a fascinating backdrop for this gently sloping beach.

The beach is vibrant with many kind of sport facilities, promenade lined with restaurants and coffee shops. Some describes this beach as a cherished destination and should be the first reason to get on a plane to visit Croatia. It is in a word the Croatian paradise and spending here some time is one of the best Croatia beach holidays..

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2. Rajska Plaza

rajska-plaza, Croatia beach holidays
rajska-plaza | image credit – Wikimedia/International Festival

Rajska Plaza or the Paradise beach, a name that is suffice to describe the extraordinary beauty of Rajka Plaza. There is no way to ignore the beauty of this beach and no way to stay it out from the list of the best beaches in Croatia. It is the biggest and best known sandy beaches and one of the most famous beaches in the Adriatic. It is located on the Island of Rab at the resort village of Lopar.

Although Rab has a reputation as an ideal destination for naturists, Rajska Plaza is familial as a perfect place for a family vacation. CNN listed it as Top 100 world beaches in the world. The beach earns a reputation for its sport facilities from beach to aqua parks, volleyball,parasailing and beach parties. It is one of the best beaches in Croatia.

1. Zlatni Rat

zlatni-rat, Croatia beach resorts
zlatni-rat | image credit – Wikimedia/Nikolaj Potanin

Zlatni Rat is without a doubt one of the best beaches in Croatia. Referred to as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat has all the charm it needs. Once the home of fishermen, sailors and wine-growers, it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Zlatni Rat is popular among the tourists for their vastness and exceptional beauty. Zlatni rat Beach stretches almost vertically into the sea that makes it quite exceptional to the tourists. Its crystal blue water, sunny weather make it a place compare to the paradise.

The main attractions for the viewers are Roman ruins peek set against the soaring beauty of Vidova Mountain. It is the highest peak in the Adriatic islands. There are many cafes and restaurants around the beach. Zlatni Rat is truly one of the best beaches in Croatia.

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