Top 10 Amazing Helicopter Rides around the World

Flying is always thrilling to people. Even a man who seems to forget to get charmed, feel excited if it comes to flying. Helicopter rides are more special as it provides to the riders not only a thrilling and entertaining experience but also a truly wonderful view of a city or a forest or an area. Just imagine enjoying helicopter rides on such places that you only dreamt about to go or such amazing places that you had opportunity to see only the front view.

Top level views of marvelous city, rain-forests, famous rivers, incredible mountains are rare in every definition. It is not going to happen very often in your life. Helicopter rides also help you to get a collective idea of the place in a shorter time than your normal tour. Here is our top 10 amazing helicopter rides around the world.

10 Amazing Helicopter Rides:

10. Sydney

Amazing Helicopter Rides, Sydney
Sydney | image credit – Wikimedia/Phil Whitehouse

Sydney is without a doubt one of the glamorous cities in the world. It is easy to understand what an exquisite panoramic view you are going to get in Sydney. Very few cities are as mind blowing as Sydney from the above. So helicopter rides in Sydney should be an overwhelming experience. There is a lot of outstanding places to see in Sydney; the Taronga Zoo, Sydney Harbor Bridge, the iconic Sydney Opera House and a city full of elegant modern architectures.

Don’t forget to fly upon the insanely beautiful Blue Mountains and its Megalong Valley on your helicopter rides. Your helicopter rides on Sydney city will get its fulfillment when you fly upon the breathtaking coastline of Sydney, including Bondi Beach. The night view of Sydney on Helicopter would be more than magical.

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9. Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier, air tours
Fox Glacier | image credit – Wikimedia/Kevin King

New Zealand is gifted with some of the most mind blowing scenery in the world and Fox Glacier is one of those gems. It is a place filled with incredible sites. Situated in Westland Tai Poutini National Park, the Fox Glacier is an 13-km (8-mile) long glacier fed by four alpine glaciers that get around 30 meters of snowfall every year. The snow is condensed into hundreds of meters deep blue ice at the top of the glacier.

There is nothing could be more thrilling, refreshing and mind blowing than  helicopter rides on top of this glacier. It will not only give a unique view but also give an opportunity to see some of the spots that only possible in helicopter rides. Beside the glacier, you will be able to enjoy the views of wonderful Lake Matheson, one of the most scenic lakes in New Zealand.

8. Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp, helicopter tours
Everest Base Camp | image credit – Flickr/valcker

There are very few places on earth that is as magnificent as Mount Everest. Not many people are lucky enough to see Everest Base Camp and for many, it is an experience in a lifetime. Everest Base Camp is not only a destination for the mountaineers who have plans on climbing the mountains but also the common tourists and photographers who come to grasp the majestic beauty of Everest.

To them, helicopter rides is the only option to get an excellent view of Everest.  There is nothing more pure than the view of Everest. It is the feeling that would be the rarest in your life. It is just merging yourself with the greatness of Everest. The Everest Base Camp is located at an altitude of 5,364 meters, the highest mountain on earth.

7. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, helicopter flights
Victoria Falls | image credit – Wikimedia/Kuroiniisan

It is impossible to describe the majestic beauty of Victoria Falls in words. And it is impossible to grasp the beauty of Victoria Falls without helicopter rides. It is the world’s most awe-inspiring and one of the biggest waterfalls. It is legendary for its extraordinary geological and Geo-morphological features and active land formation. Nothing could be more hypnotic that watching  spray, mist and rainbows on helicopter rides on Victoria Falls.

The mists creating by the fall is one of the amazing things to watch and  it hold a rain forest-like ecosystem adjacent to the falls that is wonderful to watch from helicopter rides. During your helicopter rides, you also get an opportunity to spot Africa’s famous wildlife, such as hippos or elephants. Helicopter rides on Victoria Falls is one of the best in the world.

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6. Cape Town

Cape Town, helicopter experience
Cape Town | image credit – Pixabay/sharonang

Cape Town is blessed with everything that Mother Nature could bless. With its rising Table Mountain, abundant vineyards and golden beaches, no city can match in top level view beauty to Cape Town. Helicopter rides on this city is quite thrilling and refreshing. The city is full of so many natural wonders. It is a city with abundant outer spaces. From Table Mountain National Park to Green Point Park, the city never ceases to wonder its visitors.

The beauty that waits for you surrounding the city is too much thrilling. The breathtaking views of mountains, nice little town, bucolic villages can’t be expressed in words. In your helicopter rides, you can see the Indian and the Atlantic on one tour. You may have a rare chance to watch the display of famous and frightening great white sharks in your helicopter rides.

5. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, air tours
Iguazu Falls | image credit – Wikimedia/Gorkaazk

Helicopter tours on Iguazu Falls are just like floating on a dreamland. It will be a breathtaking jaw breaking experience for anyone and live in the memory forever. Iguazu Falls is one of the natural wonders of the planet and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated near the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is one of the most awe-inspiring sights on the planet and watching it on helicopter rides is something extraordinary.

It is a nail beating air tours to many people. You can get close to the mist creating by the falls. Nothing could be better than this. You can also enjoy the view of   national park, a reserved rainforest swarming with unique flora and fauna. The helicopter tours on Igauzu Falls is one of the most amazing experience in the world.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii, helicopter flights
Hawaii | image credit – Wikimedia/Cristo Vlahos

Hawaii is the ever flourishing beauty on planet. If you visit Hawaii, you will know yourself why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. Just look around it. Nothing can be compared with its cobalt blue ocean, sugary beaches, Technicolor coral reefs and volcanoes. Nothing could be more magical than the helicopter tours on Hawaii. Hawaiian Islands visitor can select from a number of different helicopter rides. Every helicopter flights has a different route.

One would take up the visitors to stunning waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii. One route could take them over lava flows and spewing volcanoes. Another route could fly over this island’s pineapple plantations, Keehi Lagoon, Hanauma Bay. One may also have helicopter flights to the most beautiful island of Kauai. Hawaii would without a doubt give you the best helicopter experience.

3. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, helicopter experience
Rio de Janeiro | image credit – Pixabay/ASSY

No city is as live as Rio de Janeiro. It has everything to seduce the tourists. It has the rhythm of Rio. It has stunning beaches and lush mountains. It has tropical landscapes that are luring everyone for outstanding outdoor adventures. It has samba-fueled exotic nightlife. It has outstanding metropolis. It has football. There could be nothing more thrilling than to enjoy a top view of this city.

No wonder why it has one of the amazing helicopter rides around the world. Who would like to miss Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Mountain from the top? That should be no one.  The city has a resonance, a soul, a warmhearted re-acceptance that no tourist can deny. It is a city that has everything worthy to see from the top.

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2. New York

New York, air tours
New York | image credit – Pixabay/skeeze

New York is the city that has many faces to many people. Some people do not get used to it. They think it’s a city with too many people and too much noise. To others, New York appears with a soul. It is a city that never sleeps. It is a city full of huge skyscrapers. There are so many amazing things to see in New York.

A helicopter hide over the city would be much more exciting than you could ever think. You feel a giant concrete maze from up. Not every city can give you that the way New York will give you. You will get many landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, the George Washington Bridge overwhelming views.

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1. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, helicopter tours
Grand Canyon | image credit – Flickr/Ellie

An air tour over the grand tour should be one of the three wishes you can ask to Genie. No air tours can give you such thrill and excitement as the Grand Canyon do. The unbelievably vast Grand Canyon’s magical colorful formation is one of the rarest things on earth. The beauty of Grand Canyons can’t be captured in words or photograph. No matter how much you heard about or how many times you see it on TV or picture, the real experience of watching Grand Canyon is much more extraordinary. To see it from the top will make you one of the lucky men on earth who grasps the unbelievable beauty of Grand Canyon. It is without a doubt the best helicopter experience on earth.

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