Traveloompa features the most beautiful places around the world, presented in the form of various “top 10” lists. I hope, people love traveling and of course reading lists of such travel guides. I’ve tried to make a combination of both. Articles here range from beautiful places, landscapes, historical cities, mountains, Islands and beaches, tours and trips and anything else that i find fascinating. Undoubtedly I’ve created these lists for entertainment purposes. In fact i wish to provide a sense of what there is to see in recommended tourist lace. Hopefully these ideas can make your mind for the next great journey.


Most definitely I’ve tried to cover so many tourist destinations that it is probably nearly impossible for me to visit all of them. So I also need to rely on the other people’s travel experiences. Sometimes I collect important information from other travel blogs as well to build these lists. And waiting for you all travelers to share your own experience and suggestions so that I can develop better lists of amazing traveling ideas.


Travel happy

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