Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland, world most haunted place

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

Let’s not grumble about the existence of ghosts. I mean who could deny the fun part of ghosts? To experience something supernatural is always a fascination to human being. We love to frighten others or get frightened. I possibly can’t give you the total picture of spooky or macabre part of our mind. People get thrilled with their own way. What could be more thrilling to roam around haunted places? Even a hardcore non believer would get shaky time to time in most haunted places like these. read more

Chartres Cathedral, largest gothic cathedral

Top 10 Famous Gothic Cathedrals of Medieval Europe

Gothic architecture brought a revolution in the history of medieval architecture. Just to be clear here that gothic architecture has nothing to do with Goth. It is not also originated from any religious influence. Gothic architecture is a comparatively new style of architecture evolved from Romanesque architecture in France and succeeded by the Renaissance. Gothic architecture became popular and quickly adopted by all Western Europe. Gothic architecture’s unique and bizarre style easily differentiate it from other medieval architectures. read more

Bayon Temple, old temples in Cambodia

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

Slowly recovering from the dreads of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror, Cambodia is now a rising tourist attracted country. And we are here to find out the list of top 10 tourist attractions in Cambodia. Although there still have some major problems still exist: land mines, poverty and a devastated infrastructure, the reconstruction and healing process is now well under way with increasing numbers of tourists are rediscovering Cambodia’s attractions. read more

Castel Sant'Angelo, ancient monuments

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Rome

“All roads lead to Rome” this proverb is not just a proverb. Having been the center of one of the greatest civilizations the earth ever produced, Rome has exerted a huge impact over the world. It was the center of all forms of art, science, philosophy in its millennium long history.  With ancient churches and basilicas wonderful palaces, grand Roman monuments, ornate statues and graceful fountains, there are few places in the world that is historically as rich as Rome. It is often quoted as ‘Eternal City’. Too many mind blowing historical sites make it a tough task to select the top 10 tourist attractions in Rome as we had to exclude many beautiful sites that we really didn’t want to. Well the top 10 tourist attractions in Rome should serve a primary view on Rome. read more

London Eye

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in London

Finding out the top tourist attractions in London, first we need to look closer about the city. London is the city of proper gentlemen. The gloomy weather of London can sadden your mind. Aristocratic British typical life-style could bore you. But inspire of all these, London will always fascinate you with its vibrant rhythm, multicultural diversity and above all its rich history that any other city can barely match with. London is one of the largest cities in the world and a global city of culture, art, fashion, politics and trade. The city is furnished with famous landmarks, museums and worlds most expensive subway network. London’s streets are crawling with visitors and it is not a very pleasant job to select top 10 tourist attractions in London. read more

Top 10 Most Famous Christian Monasteries in the World, El Escorial

Top 10 Most Famous Christian Monasteries in the World

Christian Monasticism is a practice of individuals who live aesthetic life withdrawing him from the society. The idea was modeled upon Old Testament and not necessarily applicable to the common people. These individuals are known as monastic. They were seldom encountering other people, abstain from sexuality. Monasteries are built for the monastic. They are the center of Christian religious education. The main goal is the salvation of mankind. Here is our list of 10 most famous Christian Monasteries in the world. read more

Top 10 Most Famous Ancient Roman Monuments, Baalbek

Top 10 Most Famous Ancient Roman Monuments

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”, this single proverb is enough to prove the Roman’s rich influential civilization. This Italic civilization established the largest empires in the ancient world. Regarded as the successor of Greeks, the Romans also brought innovation in Science, Education system, politics, architecture and many other sectors. The ancient Romans were quite famous for is their architecture. They brought a lot of revolutionary ideas to architecture. In fact they are the inaugurator of modern buildings. So many ancient Roman monuments are still standing is evidence of how excellent Roman architecture really was. read more